A day in the life of me (and family)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A few of us at The Blended Blog thought it would be fun if we picked a day and documented what "a day in the life" of each of us looked like on that day (January 23rd to be exact).

If you're stopping by via the Blog Hop and Nicole's Blog, WELCOME!

This is going to be a pic HEAVY post but you know you want to see what a Saturday in my life looks like... right?!

**timelines are loose (to say the least) because I didn't have time to keep track #momlife

6:45 - Annabelle is up, snuggles for a few minutes and then let Mr. B and Annabelle snuggle while I get ready for the day (before Oliver wakes up)

7:30 - well HELLO little cutie! Oliver is up and at 'em

8 - quick breakfast. This is kinda funny, Mr. B thought we needed to ALL be out of the house way earlier than we actually did so he rushed around getting Annabelle fed/dressed/ready.
(note: she normally feeds herself but Mr. B was trying to hustle)

8:15 - Feeding Oliver before we attempt to go out for breakfast because Mr. B and I decided it had been WAY too long since we went out for breakfast (it's my favorite meal to go out for for some strange reason). 
Yes, I'm posting breastfeeding pics on the internet. Take notice: there's actually no visible boob, crazy huh? Kinda makes you wonder what all the fuss is about.

8:30 - Breakfast! Mini-me loving her smoothie and fruit (this kid is a fruit MONSTER!)

Little man's first breakfast out AND first time in a highchair at a restaurant. All around success!

9:50 - dance recital time!!! Mini-me was soo excited. She didn't quite follow the instructions (at all) but had a blast and was very entertaining to watch. 

11:30 - LUNCH time!!! Breastfed first then onto solids. This kid can EAT!!

A little playtime before nap.

12 - nap time for little man and momma leave the littles to get some kid-free grocery shopping done! (to be clear: I left them with Mr. B, not by themselves lol)

I get home and little man and daddy are just chillin'

Mini-me is the best little helper! She LOVES emptying the grocery bags and 'helping' me put everything away ( by 'away' I mean everything on the counter lol). I think she's secretly assessing my shopping skills. She was pleased that I bought her Zoodles for a treat.

ALL day mini-me asked to go outside... we FINALLY obliged and daddy took her out to shovel the deck. She was beyond happy.

She did pretty good!

Meanwhile, inside, Oliver is eating AGAIN!

Sometimes we are silly after we eat :)

Daddy and mini-me play outside while mom cooks supper and little man plays.

Mini-me was NOT happy to have to come inside and was a more than a little sleepy after all that fresh air.

Dinner time!!! Not my best picture, but that's roasted potatoes, steak (covered in mushrooms and onions) and brussel sprouts!  

Mini-me wasn't keen on steak and potatoes so she had "princess pasta" (aka Zoodles) with some whole wheat bread and a fruit plate for dessert.

Frozen Gummies (aka multi-vitamins)! Parenting tip: you can use gummy vitamins as a reward for a well-eaten meal :) She has no idea they're good for her!

I don't bath little man every day, but now that he's eating solids it's hard to not lol

6:30 - We had family story time (no phones allowed) then off to put little man to bed. He eats, lights out, then I sing twinkle little star and put him down. He's getting better at just going to sleep after that.

6:45 - good night cuddles/quiet play with mini-me. We say our goodnights and she's allowed to have quiet play in her room until 7:30/8 (depending on if she napped or not - she didn't this day)

7 - workout time!

Someone had posted this on Facebook so I thought I would give it a go.... I have the longest name EVER and this workout nearly killed me. I did my first, middle AND last name.

This is my "I'm going to puke" face.

I had a shower... sorry, no pics of that.

8pm - wine and blogging time!!!

Google Hangout with some of my favorite bloggy friends!!!!! Clearly I caught Lana mid-sentence lol! We chatted about all things and shared quite a few laughs! Love these ladies!


I missed lots of things but it's hard to take pics by the minute especially with the littles. What you missed: a few cups of coffee, some snacks, what I ate for lunch (at this point, I don't remember what that was lol), me driving my mom home, chatting on FB with my mommy friends, some snuggles etc.

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