winter go-to outfit: lumberjack chic

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The following outfit is both random and awesome. When I first put it on I was unsure, but the more I wear it, the more I love it.

See, I'm starting to really loving mixing super casual pieces with some dressier ones. It's an easy way to feel dressed up but not like you're over-doing it. You know: amping up uber-casual. PLUS, I'm all about comfort and this look completely embodies that (mommy win).

winter go-to: buffalo plaid + casual boots + jeans + fancy accessories = lumberjack chic 

lumberjack chic

Here's the thing, sure, I look a wee-bit lumberjack-y, but I'm Canadian and I embrace that sh!t. You'll remember the coveted boots from this post and clearly I absolutely had to make them mine. You should know: I don't regret my decision. These boots are amaze-balls. I wear them A LOT and love them so much #wortheverypenny

Wanna see how I wore it? You don't really get a choice, here's how it looked:

ya, I added the baby for extra cute-factor but really, it's a cute outfit, no? The sparkly accessories are the perfect addition! Perhaps I'm just so blinded by my love for buffalo plaid and these boots that I'm not seeing this outfit clearly? No. It's awesome. 

Remember the time I bought a fancy new camera and didn't use it for blog pictures? Oops. Such is life with children. And, in case you are wondering why the bed appears made in one picture and not the next, I will let you know I had a toddler helper 'behind the scenes' (aka she was jumping on the bed).

What's your go-to winter footwear?