what to wear: Valentine's Date

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The big V-day is quickly approaching.

Is it just me, or is Valentine's Day one of those holidays that just kinda sneaks up on you? I never think about making plans until it's too late to make plans.

Clearly, I'm aware of the encroaching day of love but it's doubtful the stars will align and we'll actually enjoy a child-free night out; HOWEVER, if we were to partake in an adult-only night out then I'd surely need to dress the part.

Here's what I'd have in mind for my hypothetical hot Valentine's date (and he is hot, there's just no date/babysitter planned ;)

date night

Pleated dress, 125 CAD / Christian Louboutin round toe pumps, 1,055 CAD / French Connection black clutch, 97 CAD / Calvin klein jewelry, 225 CAD / T Tahari heart stud earrings, 28 CAD / Christian Dior lip shine, 42 CAD / Pencil eyeliner, 38 CAD / Nail polish, 12 CAD

Let me explain the above outfit. I feel like the day of love just screams an obligatory red dress and obviously I'm going to pair my hypothetical outfit with shoes that I clearly cannot afford. Why not get totally crazy up in here? Well, rest-assured, any cute pair of black heels would do... I suppose... 

Gold accessories, because, well, I'm apparently obsessed with them and a fur purse for a fun texture change. Nude lips so as to not OD it on the red and a smoky eye because... well, it's date night afterall.

night vegas

Oasis high neck dress, 81 CAD / Christian Louboutin red stiletto, 1,060 CAD / Yves Saint Laurent purse satchel, 2,480 CAD / Michael Kors gold tone ring, 205 CAD / Kate Spade earrings jewelry, 54 CAD

Alright, you caught me, this outfit may look familiar. It could be because I posted it recently HERE.... to be fair, as soon as I started thinking about what to wear for a Valentine's date night, this outfit came quickly to mind... so I'm re-sharing it. I don't regret the decision, I still love it. 

Also, shoes I can't afford again. Are you seeing a trend here? I don't suppose Christian Louboutin is looking for blog collabs... no? Bueller? darn.

Do you have Valentine's date plans yet? But what will you wear?!

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