Monday moments of gratitude - January 18, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

I'm so happy you're here!! 

I'm making a point to post on Mondays about moments I am grateful for in the past week. We can all use a little more intentional thinking about things we're grateful for. With that said, I hope you'll continue to join me in gratitude on Mondays :)

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Before I get into my moments I want to say that just the act of writing these posts is already making a difference on my mood and attitude. I've been more conscious of happy moments and I find myself looking for the 'happy' in situations that might not typically be seen as happy moments. So YAY it's working :)

Here are a few moments from this past week that I am grateful for:

Mixing Play Doh colors. Previously, Play Doh has stressed me out. It's messy and with a toddler it ALWAYS means mixing colors. One day this past week mini-me asked to play with Play Doh so I begrudgingly agreed. Then, while watching her mix ALL the colors I realized: this kid is super creative. She was mixing colors because she was putting eyes on a face or hair on the top of a head. Instead of panicking about all of the pieces on the floor or the color-mixing, I decided to just enjoy watching her and creating with her. Sure, the blue Play Doh will never completely be blue again (it now has yellow and red 'accessories') but mini-me doesn't care and I really shouldn't either.
FYI: instead of attempting to separate the mixed Play Doh, I put them back in their jars mixed! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! breakthrough!

don't pretend you don't see the color-mixing that's going on up in here!

Pediatrician appointment. Nothing miraculous happened at little man's pedi appointment but I'm still very grateful for it. Little man is no longer on reflux meds but does have a minor milk allergy (meaning I can have small amounts of dairy while bf-ing but not get crazy - no bricks of cheese or chocolate bars for this momma *insert pouty face here*). Otherwise, my little guy is healthy and we are now working steadily on making sure he has good sleep habits. This appointment served as a reality check: the more sleep we have = the happier we ALL are. Sleep is now becoming a priority in this house (fingers crossed we're all on the same page with this one!).

Smiley little man. I recently wrote a post about little man HERE. He hasn't always been the happiest baby (understatement of the century) but the last few days he's been so smiley. It just quite literally makes my heart so happy. 

Yes, I'm biased, but he is absolutely the cutest little guy I have ever seen.

Lunch date with a friend I haven't seen in years. This isn't so much a moment as it is was a whole afternoon. 
Andrea and I met doing our Masters and we haven't seen each other in a few years. We decided recently that we should get together and we actually followed through in meeting up. 
In our short time together I was reminded why we got along so well in the first place - actually, I was reminded of this as soon as we got out of our cars and accidentally banged our car doors together (hard) and instead of looking for dents we both starting laughing hysterically. 
I have always thought that the best friends are the ones you can go without seeing for some time but then things just pick up like there was never a break. 
I digress, it was great not only getting away from my parenting duties but also reconnecting with an old friend. 

NACHOS! On the way to meet up with Andrea I was talking on the phone with my mom and saying how hard it is to eat out without dairy and how much I miss nachos (my favorite thing to eat at restaurants for some weird reason OR because they're freaking delicious... whatever).
WELL, the restaurant we picked just happened to have a dairy-free version of nachos. WHAT?!!?!?!?!?!? 
Naturally, I had to take a picture or it didn't happen.

More kid-free time is in my future. My children not only survived without me being gone for 6 hours, they had a blast with daddy and were all smiles when I got home!
I love my children more than life but the past few months I haven't taken care of myself as much as I should have. I haven't taken time for myself like I know I should (and like I avidly tell other people is soooooo important).

Moral of the story: I need to get out more and nachos (even the dairy-free version) are AMAZING! Oh yes, and yay for awesome friends that I need to make more time for!

What moments are you grateful for this past week? Linkup your gratitude posts below!!

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