I choose Huggies - Little Movers Review

Friday, January 8, 2016

I signed up with Influenster a while back and have gotten the chance to review a few products. Well, you had better believe, with two children in diapers, that I jumped at the chance to review Huggies Little Movers.

Truth be told, Oliver has been a Huggies Little Snugglers kinda guy since birth. They just worked for him/us (plus, Annabelle loved that they had Winnie the Pooh on them).

Well... our Little Movers arrived and I have to say, so far so good. Ollie recently moved up to size 3 (yes, he's a big boy) and the Little Movers seem to fit him just right right now. PLUS, Annabelle loves Mickey and Minnie even more than Winnie the Pooh... so there's that.

bum shot! Huggies Little Movers fit him well! Also, how cute are those toes?! I mean seriously!

We've had very few leaks/blowouts... well a couple here and there but if you had seen them, I'm quite confident that they would have happened regardless of what he was wearing (like the blowout today, there's no diaper in no size that could have held all that poop - I'm talking up to his neck! ew).

all smiles in his Little Movers

The Little Snugglers are a little softer and they have that super handy 'pee indicator'; but realistically, that's not overly practical now that we're out of the newborn stage. Right now we need the flexibility as he's rolling all over and, I fear, going to be crawling (much before I'm ready).

Despite the fact that Annabelle isn't potty-trained yet (work in progress), we're also super happy with how the Little Movers work for her too... because she's definitely a mover (and dancer and runner and jumper).

BONUS: Costco sells Huggies Little Movers sooooooo they are by far less expensive than almost any other diaper!!! As a thrifty-ish mom, this is key!

"not pictures please". Seriously, how cute is my little squishy man!?

We've continued to use Huggies Little Movers for both Annabelle and Oliver well after the samples were done. I have zero complaints up to this point and love that it's an affordable and comfortable option for both kiddos (though Annabelle needs to hop on the potty-train ASAP).

**I received free product via Influenster for the purpose of testing/reviewing**