Friday quickie

Friday, January 15, 2016

I made the responsible decision to workout tonight instead of blogging... so I continue to be behind on catching up on email, comments and post-writing.

So you're getting a quickie. Post that is. Not sure what YOU were thinking.

Naturally, when I'm trying to keep it brief, it's easiest to spam you with pictures of my children (obviously).

Here it is:

sleeping teething baby

This little man is having a rough-go teething. His Sophie doll is well-used... clearly he was too tired to spit Sophie's let out. Slept like that for 30min.

toddler sitting on counter

This sweetheart HAS to sit on the counter and "help" make smoothies. She can give us a run for our money but my goodness she can be the sweetest little thing.

Short and sweet...
Bedtime for this overtired momma. 

Happy weekend!!!