winter go-to outfit: cable knit sweater

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's supposed to be winter. It's supposed to be cold. There is supposed to be snow on the ground AND I am supposed to be sharing winter outfits.

Mother nature clearly gives zero shits about any of that. Soooooo today you get a winter go-to that's good for moderate temperatures too. Your welcome my fair-weathered friends!

*sorry for the language, I'm not digging the idea of no snow for Christmas. Plus, I won't lie, I kinda just feel like dropping an s-bomb sometimes. Or worse, but let's keep things somewhat PG up in here.

distressed jeans + cable knit sweater + vest + statement necklace = holiday shopping ready

distressed jeans and vest

I LOVE the uber casual look with a bit of bling. Why wouldn't you put on a shiny necklace with your comfy clothes? Seriously. I also added some red accents because, you know, 'tis the season.

Super mom appropriate attire (the jeans have stretch in them - booya)  and I feel a little prettier because I'm wearing some sparklies! When you're running on VERY little sleep, sparkles make you feel better (they distract from the circles under your eyes).

Sorry for the crap picture quality, clearly my iphone is assisting me. Yes, I got a new camera. No, I do not have time to play with it - apparently my children think playing with them is more important. What you don't see? Two littles hanging out on the bed while mommy takes a selfie. It's a family affair folks.

Alright, that's it for me... stay tuned for more winter outfits (whether or not Winter decides to show up is an entirely differently story).

Are you loving the cableknit sweater this winter?