Oliver's newborn pictures

Friday, December 4, 2015

So remember the time I had a baby 3.5 months ago?

Ya, well, I was on the ball having newborn picture taken, I just never got around to sharing them (bad mom-blogger).

Without further adieu (and before I blink and I'm late posting one-year pics) here's a little look at Oliver's newborn pics.

Oliver was NOT the most cooperative photography subject. He wouldn't stay asleep for anything... somethings haven't changed! 

this picture of my two babies seriously warms my heart

tell me this girl isn't stunning?! Seriously! She looks so grown up here it kills me

the obligatory family shot. Oliver has one eye open and I'm pretty sure I was sitting on a tree. Goodtimes

There you have it! 
I won't lie, there were some stressful moments and my uncooperative infant made it challenging but Tanya was able to capture some memorable shots and I'm happy we got at least one pic of my two littles together. 

Now that I think of it, I  have never shared Annabelle's newborn pics... might have to do a little flashback at some point :)

all photos c/o MillerEllis