November in numbers

Monday, December 7, 2015

Curious about what my November looked like? Of COURSE you are. Here it is, in numbers (note: I probably forgot something uber important, I have a 4 month old so can still plead "baby brain").

Oh I'm linking up with the ever lovely Deena @ ShoestoShiraz (make sure you check her out, she's kinda awesome).

15- number of blog posts written. I don't even know how this happened. Seriously, I've been feeling like a huge blogging failure lately.

3- workouts done. Okay, this is just bad, again. Does it count that it's three more than last month? No? I REALLY need to do something about this...

1 - Santa Claus Parade attended. And 1 phone forgotten at home for said parade so 0 pictures. Oops. 

20 - pics posted on Instagram (username: shaunaceyb)

1 - house decorated for all things Christmas.

67 - the number of times (ish) I have had to tell mini-me NOT to touch the decorations on the tree. That actually could be me low-balling it. Seriously.

1 - dance recital attended. Mini-me is 2.5 so it wasn't so much a recital as it was kids runaround and do whatever. Still cute. Still took a billion pictures.

1 - visit with Santa that went surprisingly well. Excuse their outfits, it was an impromptu visit )after dance class, clearly).

1 - holiday photoshoot that was a complete and utter disaster. Fingers crossed we get one or two usable pics. We didn't get one SINGLE shot of the two kids together. FYI: 4 months and 2.5 years is the worst age for pictures. The WORST (so far).
(all smiles when we got home! little monkey.Seriously though, that face)

3108 - number of pageviews increase from last month. This made my day. YAY for progress.

68 - percent of Christmas shopping complete. ish. Thank you online shopping!

1 - new camera! WHOO This is my Christmas prezzie but because of Black Friday deals I got it early. I'm super pumped. Now to figure out how to work the thing and actually take pictures with it instead of my iphone. Right.

1 - Elf on the Shelf house guest. Mr. Jingles made his debut. I won't lie, I'm enjoying 'encouraging' good behavior thanks to Mr. Jingles. Some call it bribing, I call it 'encouragement'. What will I do when he leaves? Is there a Valentine's Elf? Easter? Birthday? These should be things.

4 - playdates. Can I just tell you how thankful I am for playdates? For real. When I'm having the crappiest of crappy weeks, I meet up with some mommy-friends so we can vent for two hours our kids can play and something miraculous happens, I feel a little more sane. I think sharing the insanity really helps to normalize it. Thank goodness for these ladies! Oh and the kids have fun, that's important too... right.

I'm sure I'm missing all kinds of stuff but this is what I can remember right now lol.

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