I'm wearing yoga pants... but my kid is hilarious (and kinda mean)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I was all schedule-McGee in the last week. I felt super proud of myself that I managed to get nearly two weeks of blog posts written and scheduled, except the fashion ones. I thought: I'll do those later, I can easily do those last minute.

WELL mom-reality hit and I barely managed to pull myself out of my pjs so there's certainly no blog-worthy outfits this week.

Then I contemplated creating a little outfit number out of things I'd like... but the baby woke up and quite frankly, now I'm just tired.

So no clothes post today.

Instead, I will share a quick, albeit hilarious, edition of "things kids say"...Enjoy.

After I had Oliver I was still a little squishy right off the bat (okay, I still looked 6 months pregnant and am still squishy - let's not get too technical here). One morning. about a week or two after Oliver was born, Annabelle woke up early so I went to cuddle with her in bed. Mr. B came in the room with Oliver shortly after and we were all laying there cuddling. Nice, sweet family time.

Then, Annabelle, the little sweetheart that she is, points to my exposed, and as previously mentioned: squishy, stomach and says "oh, just a little bit of Oliver left in there".

Brent quickly stifled a laugh.

Offended, I looked at her and said "nope, there's no more Oliver in there, he's out here now". Her reply was an argumentative one, "yup, just a little bit left in there, see?"

Well thanks kiddo.

I debated arguing with her... okay, I might have argued a few more times before giving up. Brent was literally summoning ALL of his inner strength not to pee himself with laughter.

Brent and I still laugh about it, because, honestly, it was pretty freaking hilarious (and humbling).

Oh kids. They're really too much sometimes and don't hesitate to tell you how it is.

On that note, off to enjoy my cookies... no wonder she thinks there's still a kid in there.