Holiday Gift Guide: baby boy

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is it just me, or are babies ridiculously hard to buy for?

My sweet Oliver is at the very awkward age where he's kinda-sorta playing with some stuff but not really loving anything.

Here's the wish list he I came up with for a baby boy:

  1. Food. Our sweet guy will be 5 months old on December 23 which means, in January, he'll be 6 month's old. Time for solids y'all! I both look forward to and dread this time. I hope the extra sustenance will help him sleep but I know I'm going to forever be cleaning up for (thank goodness for the dog!).
  2. Stroller/Car seat toys. This is on our list. Little man needs to be entertained so this is going to be a necessity for shopping trips walks.
  3. Whoozit. Okay, I'll admit, we already have this. It's a super weird toy but children LOVE it!! I just found this bad-boy in the basement and I can't wait to wash it and give it to Oliver.
  4. Fire truck/cars. Annabelle has said on numerous occasions that Oliver needs a truck. What our 2.5 year old says usually goes around here. Plus, this one is kinda cool cause it's made from recycled materials and is eco-friendly.
  5. Bath toys. Oliver enjoys his baths and he's not even at the point where he has any toys in there. I can imagine when he starts sitting up and actually playing in the tub, these are going to come in handy.
  6. Jolly Jumper. We tested this out the other day 'to see' if he would like it. He was a big fan. I see a lot of jumping around in little man's future.
  7. Sophie. An oldie but a goodie. Oliver is a teething machine. He's 4 months but is teething like you wouldn't believe. I found Sophie, gave her a wash and he's pretty much had a hoof in his mouth ever since. Whatever makes him happy.

What's your go-to gift for the baby(ies) in your life? (I may or may not be asking because I NEED some more ideas)

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