Christmas gift exchange reveal

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So the lovely ladies @ the Blended Blog decided we would do a Christmas gift exchange and today is the big reveal.

I always love Secret Santas BUT they totally stress me out!! I never know what to get people but I always love my gifts (maybe I should just start getting people what I've received previously... duly noted for next year).

Today's post is a blog loop sharing our Secret Santa gifts :) It's like pre-Christmas Christmas! Enjoy!

My Secret Santa was: Nicole @ Nick&Nicole+4

YAY prezzies!!! I was super excited to get this package in the mail. Mini-me was excited too, not so much when I explained that the gift was for me #shouldhavewaiteduntilshewasinbed

I've wanted these mugs FOREVER!! They're adorable and actually fit the extra-large coffee my keurig makes (because, you know, this tired momma needs an extra large - or 3 - coffee).

Mr. B and I now have super cute matching glasses AND mini-me had a great time hanging our new family ornament on the tree (possibly in a place pre-approved by momma). 

Nicole did a fantastic job as my Secret Santa.

NOW, you'll have to head over to Deena's blog to see how well I did as her Secret Santa :)