Annabelle's newborn pictures

Friday, December 11, 2015

Last week I shared Oliver's newborn pictures so I figured it was only fair to share some of Annabelle's.

Well, I have a confession: I can't find them ANYWHERE.

Okay, not exactly true, I managed to find the ones I happened to post on Facebook. To be fair, I'm positive there's a disc or some saved pictures around here somewhere. I hope.

I'll share the ones I found but know that I had hoped on posting the funniest (albeit gross) picture that was taken right after a cute, naked Annabelle had a poop-splosion all over Brent and the floor. haha I still laugh remember that.

Here's a peek at Annabelle's newborn pics:

sleeping newborn

newborn picture in baseball glove

newborn pictures sleeping baby girl

newborn pictures baby girl

newborn pictures baby girl

newborn baby girl

Before you ask, yes, I am struggling with the fact these were taking over 2.5 years ago. Seriously, my little baby is so grown up now. All too soon I'll be looking back on Oliver's newborn pictures with the same feeling. Time goes too fast. Too fast. 

I need to stop now before I get all emotional on everyone (too late?). 

all photos c/o MillerEllis