October in numbers

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2 - family thanksgivings attended. That means two turkey dinners and lots of pumpkin pie and other deliciousness!

1 - birthday parties attended.

0 - number of workouts I did. Someone, anyone, hold me more accountable in November, this momma is feeling squishy.

1 - first snowfall (it didn't last, thankfully).

1 - trip to the hospital for mini me and 1 - case of croup :(

8 - longest number of hours little man slept straight (woohoo!!!). He quickly went back to regular night wakings/feedings :(

13 - number of blog posts written.

1 - number of haircuts for mini me.

3 - number of dance classes attended by mini me (and mom).

2 - number of playdates had (aka 'keep mommy sane dates').

3 - age of little man in months.

2.5 - age of mini-me. 2.5?! Like where is the time even going?!

1 - gender reveal party attended. My brother and his wife are having a boy!! (my other brother and his wife are also expecting, we'll find out the sex of their little on early December).

2 - number of tacos eaten while baby wearing. Don't judge, I put a paper towel over his head (see pic below for comedy purposes). #momoftheyear

24 - number of halloween cupcakes baked, decorated and eaten.

1 - Halloween successfully celebrated.

October was a crazy busy month. We had plans EVERY weekend and the kids were super busy (read: high maintenance) but we made it through and made some great memories. Here's to a slower November!

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