Chalkola markers review

Friday, November 13, 2015

I love trying out new products and I'm super excited to share my review of Chalkola chalk markers with you today! Mostly, because I know you're going to love them as much as I do!

What are Chalkola markers?

Chalkola markers replace chalk and can be used on any non-porous surface (chalkboard, glass, ceramic etc). They are water-based and when used on a non-porous surface can be erased easily using a wet cloth (or glass cleaner). 

Chalkola markers are eco friendly, non-toxic and odor free. They are perfect for parents, children and teachers. 

my Chalkola Chalk Markers review:

I was super excited to try these markers out. First, to get them ready you have to shake and press down (to get the liquid flowing). This takes a little bit for each marker (maybe 30 seconds) but you only have to do it before the first use.
Then, write on any non-porous surface. 
When you're ready to clean, just use a wet cloth or paper towel or some glass-cleaner. Wipe. That's it. That easy.
These markers were a TON of fun to play with. They really are odorless and clean up is a breeze.
My ONLY issue is that my handwriting skills aren't prettier! 

Chalkola markers are perfect for writing on mirrors. A great way to leave a message for a loved one OR for yourself ;)

You can oh-so-subtly encourage your significant other (or children) to do some housework!

Labeling treats and/or appetizers!

I only had a short-time to play with my markers (aka naptime) but I'm still thinking of ways I can use them in the future. Decorating the mirror in our front hall depending on the season (next up: Christmas), writing on car windows (for birthdays), writing on mason jars (jams, salsa, bbq sauce etc), letting the kids write on the sliding glass doors (keeps them busy and easy cleanup for mom), labeling coffee/drink cups, marking expiration on food canisters/containers, writing on any chalkboard (keeping points for boardgames), writing on any whiteboards (weekly grocery lists).... the list is endless!

The holidays are quickly approaching (yikes) and Chalkola would make a great gift for the crafters, teachers and/or children on your list!

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**I received complementary products in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own**