a big list of self-care activities you can start doing TODAY!

Monday, October 12, 2015

I recently wrote about how important self-care is to me as well as shared 5 types of self-care and challenged you all to make a little time and do a little self-care. Hopefully, this wasn't too hard to do but if you're anything like me, sometimes when I'm exhausted I find it hard to think of ways to indulge in some self-care.

Rest assured I have a comprehensive list of self-care activities that you can start doing TODAY! Anytime you're feeling like a re-charge, feel free to peruse this list and pick an activity.

Self-care activities 

go for a walk
laugh at yourself
enjoy the outdoors
do yoga
watch an inspiring movie
imagine what you'd do if you won the lottery
watch the sunrise
play cards
light some candles
take your time
have a bubble bath
get a pedicure
fly a kite
take a sick day
read a book
play an instrument
go to the zoo
read a magazine
pet your dog (or cat)
play a sport you love
enjoy a cup of coffee
color (yes, crayons and a coloring book - try it!)
take your dog for a walk
go to the gym
watch the sunset
go for a hike in the forest
cook something
watch a movie
talk on the phone to a friend
go for a drive
get a massage
listen to music
go for a run
blog :)
eat something healthy
decorate a cake
take a nap
dance in the rain
enjoy a spa day
make a craft
delete negative people from your Facebook feed (or at least 'hide' them)
enjoy a glass of wine
do a puzzle
write a letter to someone
do your makeup
talk to a therapist
take a hot shower
dance in the livingroom
bask in sunlight
read old letters
have a lunch date with friends
get dressed up for no reason
read an old journal
go for a swim
write a poem
unplug for an hour (no phone, no tv, no computer)
eat something decadent
snuggle with someone you love
learn a new language
practice deep breathing
watch old family movies
write a list of things your grateful for
have coffee with a friend
try a new recipe
sit infront of the fireplace
go to a comedy club and laugh all night
go to a pet store and play with puppies
play a boardgame with friends
do your hair differently
swing on a swing
have breakfast in bed
buy a new pair of shoes
go to a support group
learn how to dress for your body
go fishing
smile for no reason
have a picnic
clean your car
people watch
go through old pictures
buy yourself flowers
learn to cook something new
have a drink on a patio
sit in a hottub
do a workout video
take some pictures of something you find beautiful
write a list of things you love about yourself
try and skip rocks on water
schedule a date night with yourself
eat a piece of chocolate

Your Challenge: pick an activity each day this week and do it just for you. It can be an activity on the list or something else that makes you feel good. It doesn't need to take a lot of time, it can be a quick few minutes but make it intentional. 
Why? Because you deserve it and you're worth it.

So can you do it? An activity a day for a week? I think you can! Let me know how it goes.

What are you favorite self-care activities?
Is my list missing anything??

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