What to Wear for Maternity Pictures

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You've decided to get maternity pictures done (if you're still on the fence read: Do I Need Maternity Pictures) and you know all of the Tips for Maternity Pictures but now the final big decision: What do I wear?!?!?!

Don't worry, I'm here to help with some tips!

What to wear for maternity pictures: 

  1. solid prints - solid colors are timeless and photograph well. That's not to say if there's a patterned piece you love you can't include it just be mindful that patterns can be distracting (taking away from the focus: you and your belly).
  2. don't be afraid of color - a lot of people tend to go with black and/or white and denim in order to keep things neutral. Broaden your choices to colors you really love and you'll be happy you did. (I love cobalt blue so I wore it!)
  3. sleeves - most photographers recommend long-sleeves because they're more flattering. Having said that, long-sleeves might not be ideal for a warm spring or hot summer. If you're going for a tank or t-shirt, bring a cardigan or jacket to throw on  for east extra look.
  4. stick with your style - maternity pictures are not the time to be recreating your entire style profile. If you're normally super casual then it's okay to dress casual for your pics - you still want to look like you, just a pretty, pregnant you. You want to be comfortable (because if you feel comfortable, it will translate in your pics).
  5. don't go overboard - like the previous suggestion, now is not the time to completely change your makeup and hair. You still want to look like you, maybe just a wee-bit fancier. Yes, a little more makeup for pics but don't go for a hardcore smoky eye if it's something you'd normally never wear.
  6. change it up - you can wear more than one outfit and in fact, I encourage it! Variety is the spice of life and this is true in your maternity pictures as well. It's nice to have a few different outfits (I'd say 2 at least) to give your pictures some pizzazz!
  7. accessorize - skinny belts are always great to accentuate your growing belly but you can also wear your favorite scarves and/or jewelry pieces. Don't forget about shoes!! You can always add some fun to your outfit with the perfect shoes. The key is complementing your outfit without overdoing it.
  8. be mindful of your undergarments - for example, if you're wearing a clingy maxi dress, you may want to ensure your underwear don't create some unflattering bulging (I may or may not have had this problem). You also want to wear undergarments in colors that won't show through your clothes (no need for that). Now is not the time to attempt a black bra with white t-shirt.
  9. focus on fit - the key here is accentuating your belly. Stay away from anything very loose or so tight you can't breath. You want to highlight the roundness of your gorgeous belly not look like you're wearing a sheet or can't hardly move. You'll be moving around so you want to be comfortable.
  10. coordinate but don't be matchy matchy - this is one a lot of people struggle with. You and your partner (or other children) do not need to look like twins (in fact, I discourage that). Coordinate with each other without mirroring. The best way to do this is wearing complimentary colors (google 'color wheel' if you need some assistance). If you're really struggling: Pinterest is your friend!! 

winter maternity picture

winter maternity picture

maternity picture in apple orchard

spring outdoors maternity picture

**photos c/o MillerEllis**

you can find more of our maternity pics HERE

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  1. You are the most beautiful preggo!! Well, former-preggo! Too bad this post wasn't around 4 years ago! LOL! I might have gotten pics done!! XOXOXO

  2. I agree with Casey - absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Where was this post before my maternity session?! I was totally stressing about what to wear, ha ha! Love this and your gorgeous photos!


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