Mighty Mug - review and GIVEAWAY!

Friday, September 25, 2015

I love coffee. I love coffee A LOT. It's pretty much a necessity to my daily functioning as a mother of two.

As a lover and enjoyer of coffee, I have, on more than one occasion, had my coffee knocked over or spilled be it by one of my littles, my dog's tail, my husband, or myself. Because of this, I'm always nervous to set my coffee on the coffee table or have it right beside me while typing on the computer (because obviously if I spill it, it's going all over my keyboard).

You can imagine my curiosity when I was asked to review the Mighty Mug, the mug that won't fall over. I agreed immediately, mostly because I figured it would be impossible for there to be a mug that wouldn't fall over but could be picked up easily. Plus, I kinda of love travel mugs and am always happy to add another to my collection.

 mighty mug logo

I ordered this super cute teal 'Mighty Mug Go' and it was delivered within 2 days (and that's international shipping because the company is out of the US). Note: shipping is free within the US when you spend over $30 and free to Canada when you spend over $50.

The verdict: it WORKS!!! This thing is legit!!

(excuse my voice and crappy manicure)

I had to attach a video so you can see for yourself. It doesn't fall over when you hit it and yet it's still super easy to pick up. I won't pretend to understand how it works, but it works!!

There are a ton of different mugs to choose from and they range in price from 14.99 to 24.99 so you won't be breaking the bank. I'm thinking this is a pretty awesome gift idea! Don't know what to get your clumsy coworker, how about a Mighty Mug?!

The Mighty Mug is an absolute must-have for coffee-lovers with kids and/or pets (or clumsy husbands).

mighty mug products

They're already working on bar ware that won't fall over... are you kidding me?! A wine glass that can't be knocked over? BRILLIANT!

The Mighty Mug really is the mug that won't fall over! How cool is that?!

NOW, your chance to WIN a Mighty Mug!!!! Visit this link http://bemighty.themightymug.com/confessionsofafrumpymommy/ and enter for your chance to win (winner will be chosen at random on October 3) Good Luck!