August in numbers

Monday, September 7, 2015

Today I'm doing a quick August in numbers post as well as showing you what my Instagram looked like this August. Enjoy!

2 - number of people in our house who celebrated birthdays. Both Mr. B and I have August birthdays. He's 32 years young and I'm 34 (ya, I know, younger man - but not by much).

1 - crazy storm, hideout in the basement and subsequent power outage. Interesting night with the littles!

6 - pounds away from pre-baby weight! Must be from all that baby-carrying and bouncing!

13 - number of blog posts written - down from last month but not too shabby!

1 - welcome baby party

1 - brother who got married (yay!)

1 - bridesmaid dress I managed to squeeze into

1 - of the most adorable flower girls I have EVER seen. EVER. No, I'm not biased at all!

2 - number of well-behaved children I took to aforementioned wedding (seriously, they were both AWESOME! Mini-me danced and was a little superstar and little man slept almost the entire time)

August also had a few tears (I blame hormones), not a lot of sleep, lots of snuggles with the kiddos, more hours of Dora watched than I'm normally comfortable with, a couple play dates and some wine (yay).

Looking back, August felt really busy and somewhat overwhelming for me but some beautiful memories were made! Hope you had a great August and here's to an even better September!

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