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Friday, August 21, 2015

  1. 1.
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

That begs the question: what inspires me?

Well, my first inclination is to write about my children because at times when I feel my worst, they really make me want to do more and be a better person. That is, when I'm not so freaking exhausted, which is the case more often than not these days. There will be many more posts about my family so while they inspire me, I'm not focusing on them (for once).

I find that I am most inspired by people who are everyday heros. More specifically, people who embody the things I'd like to be myself. I often feel like life gets challenging, I get tired and when things are tough I easily revert to negativity. Having said that, I truly believe that being positive takes work but that it's worth it. Unfortunately, I sometimes suck at remaining positive. Luckily, I am inspired by people everyday who remind me of the importance of being positive and help me break my negative thought cycles.

Case in point, my beautiful friend, Nicole. Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought like hell. After believing she was done with cancer, she found out that her cancer had spread. She continues treatment; however, she will require treatment for the rest of her life, which will eventually be taken by cancer. Despite her struggles, Nicole remains a beautiful and positive spirit. Her presence on social media and her willingness and openness about her journey has inspired thousands (likely more, she's everywhere!). Whenever I find myself being negative, I'm reminded of some of her beautiful messages and that if she can find the strength, so can I. The world needs more people like Nicole. Read more about Nicole HERE.

I recently learned about a company, Zella Mae Inspirations that blend two of my favorite things: positivity and fashion!! 

Tashina and Brooke are cousins who created Zella Mae (named after their grandmother) with the hope of combing their love for fashion with their strong belief in the power of positive thinking. 

So you can buy awesome clothing that spreads a positive message AND for each shirt purchased these beautiful ladies donate a shirt with a positive message to someone in need. Their website shares a list of people they have donated to including children cancer patients and burn victims.

You can find Zella Mae online HERE
On Instagram HERE
On Facebook HERE

I can't think of a better way to rationalize buying a new graphic tee! 

Here are some of my favs:

Positive thinking isn't about someone having it worse, it's about being grateful and hopeful. 

Spread the positivity!!

What inspires you??? 

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  1. Nicole is beautiful! She shines like a bright light(: Susan


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