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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

For this weeks 'what I wore' post I'm excited to be collaborating with Janet @ Tenaj Boutique!

Tenaj Boutique is an online store with some really unique and affordable (like, really affordable) pieces (clothing AND accessories) for women AND children (girls and toddlers).

Why is this awesome? You can find awesome stuff for you and your little all in one place. Also, if you live in the US, Tenaj ships free!

Okay, so Janet (the lovely owner of Tenaj) sent me both an outfit for me and for mini me to review.

I somehow managed, even with my hectic new-mom-of-2 schedule, to get the dress on and write about it (go me!).

My dress can be found HERE and mini me's shorts HERE

Clearly, I wasn't able to fully pull together my hair and makeup, but little man is not quite 3 weeks old and parenting the two of them is taking some getting used to.

The dress is super comfy, causal enough to wear just out and about but easy enough to dress up a little. Also, added bonus as a new mom, the fringe covers my still squishy tummy! 

Here are some Tenaj pieces I'm loving:

Mini's turn:

My dress can be found HERE and mini me's shorts HERE

Where is mini me you ask? WELL, my darling 2 year old was slightly on the uncooperative side when I tried to dress her (numerous times) for a picture. I'm being generous, it was like wrestling with the poltergeist. She liked the outfit, even fussed over it when it arrived and I opened the package. I suspect the issue was that it was me actually wanting her to put it on. I also suspect now that I've written this post, she'll probably pick this to wear tomorrow.
One day she'll appreciate me dressing her... one day.

Here are some pieces I'm loving for mini me:

Tell me the little girls stuff isn't seriously the cutest?! I'm finding it quite challenging not to just buy ALL of it.
I mean, the jean jacket might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever. AND it's only $22!!

Make sure you check out Tenaj Boutique, I promise you'll find a wallet-friendly piece that you'll love for both you and your little princess (whether she's 2 or 12).
Also, check out their Facebook Page for pictures of their pieces in real life.

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