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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I have a confession: this second-time mommy has somewhat reverted to her frumpy-mommy ways.

No, I haven't ditched the hairbrush and opted for 24/7 flannel pjs BUT I have been wearing yoga pants as bottoms (with no yoga involved - unless you count the 4 poses I do with mini me) paired with loose, mismatched tanks/t-shirts.

3 days post-partum... feeling tired and lacking motivation, yoga pants for the win. Not a flattering pic by any stretch, but this is real life.

It's not that I don't want to appear fashionable at this point, it's just that throwing on anything more than comfy clothes really requires a lot of effort that I don't particularly have time/energy for. Then there's the whole I just want to be comfortable thing.

Yoga pants and a tank/t-shirt have become my new mommy-uniform (again).

I had envisioned myself as this quasi-put together new mom with her newborn and toddler in tow. What was I thinking?! And then I had little man and am simultaneously trying to parent my spirited two year old. Fashion is sliding down my priority scale. I need to be practical and fast. Little man needs easy access to food and mini-me doesn't allow much time for me to put myself together.

this sums up my life... piles of laundry on the bed and a baby kinda sleeping. The only thing missing is my mini-me who was likely tearing apart the playroom when I took this picture. Again, zero makeup, hair in a pony and threw on the easiest/most comfortable thing I could find (that hadn't been peed, pooped or puked on).

Looks like, for now, I'll be reserving mascara, cute outfits and no pony-tail for the weekends (i.e. when Mr. B is home for backup).

Although, I must admit, accessorizing with little man is pretty much the best addition to any outfit ;)

baby-wearing is a lifesaver (and the only way I can get dishes/vacuuming done most days)

I'm very much looking forward to all the Wednesday What I Wore posts this week so I can live vicariously through all of you!!

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