my dream birthday wishlist

Friday, August 14, 2015

My 34th (yikes) birthday is quickly approaching. 
Given my new mom status (yes, I will remind you of this for quite some time) and my brother's impending wedding, there will be little-to-no celebration this year. I'm over it. Birthdays are overrated. 
I'm also not expecting gifts. We're trying not to spend too much these days (maternity leave and all) and I dropped the ball on getting Mr. B a birthday present (I did give birth a week or so before his birthday so I kinda figure Oliver counts as a gift, no?). 

Despite the above, I thought it would still be fun to create and share my dream birthday wishlist! (Mr. B, if you're reading, you may wish to bookmark this post for future gift-giving reference - you're welcome). 

My Dream Birthday Wishlist

  1. Sleep - that 'new mom' status I was talking about... ya, well it doesn't come with much sleep so I could use that. Good luck figuring out how to make that happen.
  2. Fit Bit - apparently these are all the rage. Honestly, I don't know a ton about them and it's totally one of those things |I want just because everyone else is doing it. I also think the sleep tracking feature would be comical (to say the least) at this point.
  3. Makeup brush set - what woman can't use a new, good quality, makeup brush set?!
  4. Joe Fresh grey maxi - I love this and I think this skirt would allow me to find a way to incorporate a maxi skirt into my fall wardrobe. Must-have!
  5. H&M scarf - scarves are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. I love that it has some mustard accents (a great fall color). Clearly, I'll be needing this scarf.
  6. Kate Spade 'tied up' gold plated earrings - I'm OBSESSED with these earrings. I feel like I need them.
  7. Blue Jays Dooney and Bourke Crossbody - I'm a Jay's fan normally but right now they're on a streak like you wouldn't believe. What better way to support my team than by sporting a designer purse with their logo on it? Perhaps if I convince Mr. B that it's good luck, this purse will be within my grasp?! No?
  8. Roomba - we have a golden retriever, need I say more? Maybe not so much right now, but when I go back to work, it would be a small miracle to have something cleaning up dog hair when I'm not even home. Don't judge.
  9. A day off (with wine) - it's not so much me wanting this as NEEDING it. Fingers crossed there's one in my not so distant future.

There you have it... what's on your dream birthday list?