must haves for life with a newborn

Friday, August 28, 2015

5 weeks in and I'm slowing coming out of the the haze that is new motherhood. Life is certainly not easy but it's getting more manageable.

The last 5 weeks have been exhausting but sweet. Looking back, it's very clear that I needed some help along the way and aside from my amazing husband, family and friends, there are a few other things I couldn't live without.

Here's my list of must haves for any parent with a newborn:

carrier/wrap // rompers // bibs //

  1. Receiving blankets - I didn't appreciate these so much the first time around but given that baby #2 is a 'spitter-upper', I cannot have enough receiving blankets handy. They're great for the obvious spit-up, but also for throwing on the floor for an impromptu change-pad as well as using as a nursing cover.
  2. Soothers - again, first go around, we didn't use a soother and I have mixed feelings about them; having said that, little man is a 'sucker' and when he has gas the soother helps significantly. My rule with the soother is that I don't use it unless I know he's full and clean/changed. Little man is partial to the soothie but you may have to try your little on a few different brands to see what their preference is.
  3. Nursing pillow - whether your nursing or not, this is a must-have. It's great to have that extra support when you're sitting down holding baby. Yes, I use it while nursing but Mr. B also uses it to support his arms while holding a sleeping little man.
  4. Wrap/carrier - a lifesaver for the mom of a baby who constantly wants to be held. We have this wrap and it's literally the only way I can get anything done most days. I pop him in there and he can chill/sleep while I vacuum and/or do dishes/laundry/play with mini-me etc.
  5. Rompers - being cute, comfy and easy to change makes rompers a must-have especially if you have a babe born during the hot summer months. Little man pretty much lives in these.
  6. Bibs - see the note above about spit-up. I was changing little man 5 times a day when I realized that there was a use for all of those matching bibs that were gifted to us! Sure, we go through 4-8 bibs a day now but that's way easier to manage than 4-8 outfit changes.
  7. Diapers - first, you're going to NEED diapers but don't buy too many pre-baby because all diapers are made different and you'll find you have a preference. What works with one child might not work with the other. If you're finding you're little is having lots of blowouts or leaks you may want to consider sizing up or trying another brand.
  8. Tear-free soap - you'll need a good, tear-free, baby soap. We LOVE the Hugo Naturals chamomile and vanilla. It makes little man smell so nice and is perfectly gentle on his skin. 

There you have it, our list of newborn must-haves! 

What was on your must-have list for life with a newborn???