July in numbers

Monday, August 3, 2015

Quickly linking up with Deena over @ shoestoshiraz for my July in numbers post (see June's numbers post HERE)

July in Numbers

1 - number of babies I gave birth to. Come on, you knew I HAD to start with that. 
little man's numeric stats:
9lb 1oz, 22.5 inches long 

1 - Canada Day celebrated - one of my favorite holidays and it would appear that mini-me shares this affinity. So cute. Unfortunately, we had unseasonably cold weather that day but it didn't stop us from celebrating!

9 - number of pictures I posted to Instagram

2 - number of children I have now. WEIRD. I catch myself laughing in disbelief every time I reference having two kids. I will get used to that, right?

15 - number of blog posts written. That's the most I've posted in a month since October 2014. Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact I was off work?! I suspect that number will not be maintained in August given the above mentioned 'new mother of two' status. 

1 - trip to the zoo with mini-me.

25 - pounds lost. Yes, majority of that was baby but it just feels good to say I lost 25lbs in July lol. Now, I just need to get working out. I have a bridesmaid dress I need to squish myself into at the end of the month. Yikes.

I've lost countless hours of sleep and changed an obscene amount of diapers as well. We have also had more visitors than I can count and received so many lovely gifts and lots of meals (which is the best gift EVER when you're home with a new baby!). Even the lovely Deena sent us supper from Saskatchewan (seriously, how thoughtful is that?!). 

I owe a bazillion 'thank yous' to a ton of people and am very very aware how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many awesome people who care so much.

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