how does your garden grow?

Friday, August 7, 2015


Here's the thing: I love a beautifully landscaped yard but I'm kinda lazy when it comes to actually doing the work.

Thankfully, Mr. B is quite dutiful when it comes to our yard. I take 2% credit for the state of our gardens and other 98% is all Mr. B.

I did help pick out flowers in the spring... I even helped plant some of them (some of which Mr. B decided to move because apparently my placement wasn't ideal - seriously). I sometimes participate in decisions about the yard which bascially means Mr. B asks my approval prior to removing a giant plant/shrub/tree (by 'ask' what I mean is he tells me he needs to get rid of something for the sake of the yard).

Here's how our gardens grow (thanks again to Mr. B)

the front (obviously) - probably won't look like this next year because Mr. B is itching to get rid of the cedar-like trees as well as the climbing vine. Also, Mr. B is not impressed that I took a picture of the burnt grass. Apparently the fertilizer he bought had the opposite effect and he is not impressed. 

Our pear tree!! This bad boy produced so many delicious pears last fall. I'll be honest and tell you we ended up throwing out a ton because we didn't realize they were ripe. I will be on the ball with pear-picking this year! On that note: anyone have any great pear recipes?

From the left side of the deck. See those pretty planters on either end of the deck?! Ya, I can actually take credit for those (well, planting them, Mr. B and mini-me are the flower waterers).

Happy gardening!!

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