what I wish I wore - jean capris and cute cami

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm still pregnant. 40 weeks plus 4 days. I'm ready to meet this little dude but it seems he has other plans.

Since I'm still sporting the maternity duds, you're all getting another edition of "what I wish I wore".

As I said last week, I miss my normal clothes and (especially) being able to fit into them. I'm especially missing my cute jean capris (similar to the ones below) and tops that require a strapless bra (haven't been able to wear one of those in quite some time).

Anyways, I pulled this outfit together as something I could picture myself wearing on a (not super hot) supper day or on a nice summer evening. Something casual and cute but still comfortable and suitable for pretty almost any situation/event (perfect for a casual date night, a backyard BBQ, a summer concert or whatever!).

casual summer outfit