Summer Eats and Treats

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Eats and Treats

Summer time brings so many wonderful things including lots of deliciousness!

The BEST part about summer cooking, in my humble opinion, is the regular use of the BBQ!

Mr. B got totally spoiled last year for Father's Day when mini-me and I got him a brand new BBQ. We sprang for a Napoleon gas BBQ and haven't regretted the decision once.

Why I love BBQ-ing:

it saves time - if you have a good BBQ (one that gets super hot), cooking is a breeze! It's so much faster than using the oven/stove. 

less dishes - anything that means less dishes is awesome in my books! You can just throw the meat right on the BBQ and anything that can't be thrown right on there can be wrapped in tinfoil (which is then thrown out). It's win-win. 

pride - maybe this is just me, but there's such a sense of accomplishment when you cook something so perfectly! I glow when Mr. B compliments how perfectly I've cooked something. 

it gets you outside - as if you need another excuse to spend time outside on a beautiful summer day! The other bonus to this is you're not over-heating your house by using the oven/stove.

the taste - there's nothing like a perfectly grilled steak with a side of grilled fresh peppers. YUM!

you can BBQ ANYthing!! - if it can be cooked, you can cook it on the BBQ! Meat, veggies, fruit (um, grilled pineapple anyone?!). Seriously, if it requires heat, you can use your BBQ. 

So get outside and BBQ!

And because I can't leave it at just that here are some other food/drink items that just scream summertime to me:


ice cream

frozen drinks

corn on the cob

anything on the BBQ

What are you favorite summer foods?