Love and Hate

Friday, July 17, 2015

betcha by that title you came over here thinking this was going to be some deep, thought-provoking entry about some life-altering relationship.

You do remember I'm super pregnant right? No deep thoughts from this sleep-deprived lady.

So what is this about?! I was tagged by one of my bestie bloggger friends, Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz to do a list of 10 things I love and 10 things I hate right now. Thanks for the tag Deena... here goes:

Loves and Hates: 

Things I love

maternity leave (in Canada) - a year off with my babies, yes please!!

sunshine - there's nothing like the feel of warm sunshine on your face to make you smile.

getting mail - (bills don't count, see 'hate' section below) - I check the mail daily on my way home from where ever I happen to be, it's always a pleasant surprise when there's something not requiring a payment.

pedicures - who doesn't love a little pampering?! I am no exception. I love the massage chair and just taking 45min to myself. Perfection!

morning snuggles - I love not having to rush in the morning and being able to bring mini-me into bed with Mr. B and I to just hang out before we get our day started. There are always lots of cuddles and laughs. It really can be the best time of the day.

belly laughs - not only do I love hearing someone (especially mini-me) find something so funny they just can't help but have that all-consuming belly laugh, but I also love a good one myself. You know the ones I'm talking about, where once you're done you just feel like you've had a workout!

red wine - it's been a loooooong time since I've had a glass but I highly suspect I still love it. Having said that, can't wait to test that theory once this baby arrives.

family time - with both my little family as well as my larger family (and I include my close friends in this one). I love get-togethers where we all just hang out.

summer - this goes with the sunshine one above. Love the warm weather, playing in the water and just being about to be outside and enjoy life!

coffee - not only do I love coffee, I don't think I could live without it! Nothing like a great cuppa jo first thing in the morning (or any time, really).

Things I hate (hate is strong word, so I'll say 'things I don't like that much')

being late - I hate being late and I'm not a huge fan when other people are late. Having said that, with a little (or more than one) it seems that running late just happens a lot of the time.

spiders - sure, they're pretty benign for the most part, but I just don't like 'em. Ew.

dishes - it seems there's always a pile of them on my counter and I can't ever keep on top of them. Thank goodness for my trust dishwasher!

laundry - I don't mind washing and drying the clothes, it's the whole folding and putting away thing that I never seem to get done right away (I need to get better at that).

winter - snow can be fun, but I dread driving in it and I really don't like being cold all of the time. Yuck.

bad drivers - seriously, how hard is it to use your blinker?

being tired - story of my life.

whining - mini-me has made me learn how much I truly dislike whining. It's the worst sound EVER!!!

bills - obviously, who likes bills?

dog hair - I love our dog, he's super cute and cuddly but my goodness, he sheds hair like nothing I have ever seen. I can vacuum and then 10 minutes later there's dog-hair tumbleweeds rolling through the livingroom like it's the furry wild west up in here.

Now I'm supposed to tag some bloggers whose Love/Hate posts I'd love to read!
WELL I have so many bloggers I love, so I'd love you all to consider doing a post!!  xo

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