Look ma, I read a book!! The Girl on the Train - book review

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Well folks, remember my recent post about my Summer Reading List? I am happy to report I actually read one of the books already!!

I literally went out the Friday the post went live and purchased The Girl on the Train with good intentions of reading it at some point.

Well, I read a few pages Friday night and then we were away for the remainder of the weekend. We returned home on a very rainy Sunday afternoon and I thought "this is pretty good book reading weather" so I dove right in.

Thankfully, Mr. B was on board with parenting mini-me so I pretty much read all day. I won't lie, I got wrapped in fairly quickly and ended up reading until 12:30am! That may not sound that crazy, but given that I was 37 weeks pregnant and can barely make it past 10pm, it was quite a feat!

I finished the book first thing Monday morning.

Sooooooo what did I think?

I really enjoyed the book. It's told from the perspective of 3 different women with one character as as the 'primary'. Sometimes I find it confusing when books are written like that but I found this flowed and I appreciated the different perspectives because they allowed you to get to know the characters better.

The main character's struggle with alcoholism can be somewhat head-shaking and frustrating but it certainly lends itself to the 'mysteriousness' of the storyline. The story really just wouldn't have went the way it did if Rachel didn't have gaps in her memory.

The story flowed well for me, obviously or I wouldn't have been able to stay away reading, and I enjoyed the 'twist' ending (though, I'll admit, I figured it out a little bit before it happened).

The Girl on the Train is a pretty good book, I'm no pro-reviewer by any stretch but I'd give it a sold 4/5 solely for the fact it held my interest so well.

It's a good summer good with some interesting characters; however, still a light enough read for a beach day or just a summer afternoon on your porch!