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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Wednesday! 

It seems like I've been wearing lots of stripes lately. I've never been particularly into stripes but it seems like some of my most comfy maternity duds happen to have stripes on them. As a result, the stripes are really growing on me (literally lol). 

I would have never purchased a shirt with horizontal stripes before, because for some reason I had it in my head they would make me look bigger. Not so! 

Now that I've embraced stripes, here's how my (very) pregnant self has been wearing them:

okay, technically this is 3 weeks ago but it's still stripes so I'm going with it; however, now that I see this pic it's quite clear to me I've gotten HUGE in the last 3 weeks. Like WHOA!

Striped palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are a Summer Style Challenge item that I haven't yet fully embraced. I'm not confident they're super flattering on me BUT the sheer comfort alone has me adding them to my maternity wardrobe rotation. I am also thinking that I'll need some non-maternity pairs for post-partum fashion :) Yes, they kind look (and very much feel) like pjs, but apparently they're "in" so I'm going with it.

Striped tank for the win! It's hard to find things to go with my hot pink maternity pants, but this navy and white striped tank works AND will also look cute with my mint capris (see last week's post about my mint capris HERE).

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  1. I have to say that I love stripes, and you're right, if your item fits, then it won't make you look bigger! I haven't gotten on the palazzo pants bandwagon either, mostly because I don't know when I would wear them. I wouldn't wear them to work, and on the weekends it's too hot to wear anything but shorts!

  2. Big or not, you;re still the cutest preggo! But it's crazy big you seem to get "all of a sudden," isn;'t it??! Yep, palazzo pants are PERFECT postpartum wear, but you look super cute in them, too AND you'll be right on trend so, score!!! My fave outfit is the dress and denim vest. ADORBS! XO

  3. I'm obsessed with stripes and all of your outfits are super cute! I really love those striped palazzo pants!

    Doused In Pink

  4. You wear stripes like a champ!

  5. Great looks! I especially love the first one with the jean jacket and scarf.

  6. Rockin' those stripes! Somehow you have managed to stay slim and sassy while pregnant...the only indication that there's a baby coming is that tummy! People could tell I was pregnant before I had the first positive pregnancy test. Yikes! Great pop of color in that orange scarf with your maxi. Frames that pretty face!

  7. You are looking gorgeous! Love your hot pink pants. Hope you'r feeling well during these last few weeks of pregnancy!

  8. Those pink pants kill me every time! I love them so much.

  9. Those palazzos will be your best friend after baby! You'll look stylish and feel like you're still in your pjs!

  10. Those vertical striped pants are SOOOOO cute! But, all of these outfits are looking cute on you! I think you are just one of those people that looks awesome pregnant, unlike me (when I was pregnant, not pregnant now. lol).


  11. I've always been into stripes anything so I love all of these looks, super cute!!

  12. You are the princess of stripes this week and rocking them all I must say!

  13. Stripes make me nervous too - but man do you look fantastic. You are the best dressed preggo lady ever.

  14. You look great in all of these outfits! I especially love the last one with the colored pants.


  15. I'm loving your last outfit. Pink and blue for the win!

  16. I think you look absolutely awesome! I love your outfits. Can't wait to see pics of your new baby soon! :-)


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