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Friday, June 19, 2015

If you've been following my Friday posts, you'll remember I recently posted about where I live (see post HERE). Why am I reminding you of this? WELL the Style Me Bloggers thought it would be fun to go a gift exchange that includes sharing our home (this could mean pretty much anything). Soooo in today's post I'm sharing what I received!

Carrie, over at A Lovely Little Wardrobe was the unlucky blogger who picked my name and had to ship a gift to Canada ;)

Before I share my prezzie, I want to share a little about Carrie:

Carrie was one of the first bloggers I connected with on the internet and despite the fact that she lives quite far away (in Texas) and that we've never met in real life, I do consider her a friend.

Carrie is super sweet and kind and she's probably one of the best dressers I know! Seriously, if you're looking for office-friendly or adorable casual outfits, Carrie is your gal. Not only is she super stylish, but she is also super fit. Once I pop this baby and and the workout 'okay', I'll be hitting Carrie up for some fitness advice.

Alright, so I received this super cute package in the mail (I LOVE getting fun mail, so much better than bills). FYI the gift I sent my person was not even close to this cute, it was more a bunch of stuff shoved in a box (yes, that's considered a gifting failure, I'm aware).

Even the card accompanying the gift was handmade and cute!

Alright, you get it, I really liked the packaging. 

And in the package?! A me-sized Denton t-shirt!!! It fits over my belly but will look much cuter once this babe vacates! 

 I loved my t-shirt and was very happy with my gift and THEN got a very sweet and apologetic email from Carrie because she hadn't sent the other part of my gift. Clearly, more was not necessary but she also provided me with a picture of what's headed my way:

I think it's safe to say she went overboard, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited about this package as well as very grateful to be gifted such lovely gifts care of Carrie and her hometown! NOW, I just need to get my little butt down to Texas to meet her!

THANK YOU Carrie!!

Make sure y'all check out the other Style Me Bloggers (you know you want to see what gifts they got) AND linkup your favorite recent posts with us below! (you see what I did there with the 'y'all'?!).

OHHHHHHHHHHHH and I'm co-hosting a GIVEAWAY below which is still open so make sure you get your entries in for your chance to win a $200 Gap brand gift card!!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. What a great graphic tee! And the packaging.... Wow! I also shoved mine in a box!

  2. OMG that Carrie!! LOL! Now you have another great graphic tee! I guess you're going to HAVE to visit Texas someday!! Have a great weekend! XO

  3. Seriously, y'all have WAY too much fun. I really need to do one of these challenges sometime soon. Carrie did AWESOME on your gifts. I agree, she is a remixing whiz! I love the card she sent, too!


  4. That tshirt is so cute on you - I love it. I guess I need to work on my packaging next time after seeing all these good ideas. Have a great weekend :)!

    1. my packaging was crap lol Carrie takes the cake for packaging for sure!

  5. Love it!!! You and I should hit up Denton with our Texas swag from that lovely Carrie!

  6. How fun! I love your tee and the cute extras that are headed your way!

    Doused In Pink

  7. That bright tee is perfect for you. You definitely hit the jackpot.

  8. Oooohhhh Fun tshirt!! What a great idea for a gift!! Love that Deena said Texas Swag...hahaha...enjoy it all!! PS- you look great!

  9. That is a great gift!! I love the stamped note and package. How fun!! These gift posts are so much fun. Everyone is so creative!

  10. I've been spending quite a bit of time being out in the sun and walking, so it has been cotton long pants, long-sleeved cottton tee, sun hat! I jazz it up with a few cute accessories!!

  11. Ha! If it makes you feel better, my packaging was pretty sad too. As long is it is functional right? 😊 that shirt is too cute and the rest of your goodies - you almost get two for one!

    1. I know! nothing like getting mail, then TWICE!! score :)


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