Spring Trends (bonus tips for moms-to-be)

Friday, March 20, 2015

I love Spring Fashion.

There's just something wonderful about all of the bright colors and fun patterns.

Usually, by the time Spring shows up in my neck of the woods, I'm VERY ready to pack up my bulky winter sweaters and show off some new duds.

This year is going to be a challenge for me. If you  missed the memo: I'm pregnant. I am now at the point in my pregnancy where my belly is quite predominant and is set to take the stage until this little star arrives. It can be hard to dress a protruding belly and still look and feel 'cute'. 

Being pregnant isn't so bad, BUT, it severely limits my fashion choices. Sure, there are some great maternity stores and clothes out there, but I'm reticent to spend a ton of money on things I can only wear a short time.

Bottom-line: I have to be picky.

Here's my spring fashion game plan: pick a few 'must-haves' or trendy items that I can mix and match instead of creating an entire spring maternity wardrobe.

In reality, pregnant or not, this is the best way to shop. Pick a few 'key' pieces and then mix and match then with the rest of your wardrobe. 

I tried to help you all out by actually doing my research here. Me and google had a 'spring fashion 2015' date. 

Here are some things trending this spring:

Shirt dresses - they're everywhere and thankfully, maternity options are out there. Assuming my legs don't swell up like mad crazy anytime soon, I'll be picking up at least one shirt dress for the spring! 

Yellow - I'm not 100% on this one but there's so much out there (and so many shades) it should be easy to find a color/style that works for you. Plus, it's a great pop of color with white pants or a nice pair of jeans.

Bold floral pattern - I love floral. It's pretty and feminine. There are literally options in EVERY store right now and in a variety of items (pants, shirts, scarves, shoes!). I'm super excited about this one!

Fringe - I think the only fringe I may be able to incorporate without trying to look too 'young' would be a bag but I'm okay with that.

Culottes - okay, I've seen these look amazing on some women; however, those women typically appear to be tall and quite thin. Neither of these descriptors is accurate for me soooooo I'm not sold on the idea of these pants. Plus, I suspect it could be a challenge to find a maternity friendly pair.

Apron style skirts - just not for me and again, not likely that I'll find a maternity style that fits this trend. Safe  to say the only apron I'll be wearing is in the kitchen.

Overalls - apparently overalls are back. While the ones pictured above look super cute, I'm not confident this would be  flattering look on me pre-pregnancy, let alone now. Although, I do remember thinking I was pretty cool rocking some overalls back in the 90s.

What I have:

Shoes - I am beyond thrilled to see that cute flats  and sneakers are popular this spring. This momma can definitely get behind wearing sneakers and being considered 'on trend'. My leopard flats, whether still stylish or not, will be making a comeback in a big way this spring.
Admittedly, I may or may not buy a few more pairs... you can NEVER have too many shoes (Mr. B disagrees with me greatly on this point - ah well).

Military green - the only thing I own that is military green is a jacket I purchased this fall BUT it works. Sadly, I am no longer able to do it up but I will wear it open and make sure I'm pairing it with a cute top underneath.

Adapting for Pregnancy:

Accessories are KEY!!! - I love accessories but being pregnant, I'll be relying on them a lot more than usual to spice up my wardrobe.

Scarves, shoes, jewelry etc. There are TONS of ways to incorporate the spring trends without spending a fortune or buying a whole new wardrobe.

For those not pregnant - accessories are often a great opportunity to test out trends you're unsure of. For example, I'm not sure how I feel about yellow. I'd prefer to spend under $20 on a scarf (or less, if you're a good shopper) as opposed to buying an expensive yellow shirt and not wearing it again.

The floral trend is another example. Throwing on a bold floral print over my growing belly, may not be the most flattering BUT I can rock some floral shoes or a scarf and still be on trend but not overwhelming.

There you have it!!! 

What spring trends are on your 'must-have' list????? 

Any trends you'll be staying away from?

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  1. I'm loving all of the yellow! I only have one yellow top and really want to add some more. All of those scarfs are so pretty and that fringe bag is cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Doused In Pink

    1. I know, I'm kind of loving it too! Such a fun color!
      Scarves are going to be my best friend again this spring I think!

  2. I'm definitely very excited about yellow and florals! Thanks for the link to the yellow scarf!

  3. Love the trends you chose to feature. That floral scarf is adorable.

  4. Since I've been blog MIA I totally missed the announcement. Congrats on the pregnancy!!! So exciting :)

    I love your picks. And I kinda love the yellow top with the floral pants below them for a fan, funky look.

    Oh, and I voted!

    1. lol, hence why I'm drooling over your wine!

      I totally thought that with the yellow shirt and those floral pants!!

      Thanks so much for voting!!! much appreciated :)

  5. You and I picked a lot of the same things - great minds think alike :)! I just can't do the overalls and the culottes though. I definitely need a new pair of cute flats.

  6. I just got Gap maternity's chambray shirt dress, and I'm actually looking forward to wearing it after baby comes, too, since it's nursing friendly.

    Such a cute yellow scarf! Scarves and accessories are must-haves to spice up the basic maternity wardrobe!


  7. I really love the yellow scarf and the two floral scarves! Great picks (and not picks!) I hope you are feeling well as you grow! ~ Sheila


  8. You are just the cutest little pregnant lady! Where are the gold flats from? So cute and they look comfy!

  9. I love your take on the trends with a pregnancy twist! We chose a lot is the same items. I also liked how you interpreted the trends into accessories. I think I will find myself a floral scarf!

    1. yes, floral scarves are my fav!!! I have to try not to buy too many ;)

  10. Seeing all the overalls around, I'm kinda wishing I kept mine from the 90's! HA! I think you and your preggo belly would look so super cute in overalls!!

    1. i don't even know where I'd find maternity overalls!

  11. Overalls are one trend I just can't wrap my head around. Maybe because I remember wearing them when I was little and those were certainly not my most fashionable days. :)

  12. Not sure if I said it before so a big Congrats on expecting another little one!! How exciting and your daughter will love being a big sis! Thanks for this great spring round-up too! Loving all the florals especially those amazing heels! Culotte's and overalls are two things I just don't think are for me.

    1. thanks Marta!! I'm hoping she loves being a big sis :)
      It seems a few of us are on the same page with the culottes and overalls... we can't all be wrong

  13. I have been wanting a fringe bag like that. And, I had a pair of overalls when I was pregnant with Autumn and I really liked them with my pregnant belly! :)

    1. lol i bet they looked cute, just not sure I can pull it off!


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