Spring Style Me Challenge is HERE!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's that time again!!!! Spring fashion = Spring Style Challenge care of Alison @ Get Your Pretty On

If you've been around here for any length of time, you know I LOVE these Style Challenges (read about my participation in the various style challenges HERE).

I was fortunate that I found Alison and her blog right before her first Style Challenge last Spring and obviously I'm a happy customer because I keep signing up for more!

The details: you sign up (starting TODAY!!) and once sign up is done, you get emailed a shopping list (with helpful pictures, alternate suggestions etc) THEN when the challenge starts you get an email every evening with what to wear the next day!

Why I love it: it can save you money (as long as you don't over buy), it helps you buy items that are on trend but also limit the number of things you buy AND it saves a TON of time.

I'm ALL for saving time these days.

So SIGN UP HERE today and then follow on here to see how I add a maternity spin to Alison's recommendations!

**by signing up through the links posted, I do receive compensation so THANK YOU!**


  1. Oh this sounds interesting! So how many pieces do you need to buy to do it typically? It obviously depends on if you have some of the basics to start with but what would I expect to spend in the beginning? This sounds like something I might need to do. I was telling hubby I needed to have a personal shopper go with me and then take pictures of the outfits so I already had them planned. This sounds like a possible alternative!

    1. how much you buy really depends on you. Most women shop their closets first and I've never had a time where I needed to buy EVERYthing on the list.
      Previous items have included jeans, white t-shirt etc.
      How much you spend is again up to you, some women shop thrift stores first and there's always sharing in the Facebook group about sales etc. People share purchases that range from a few dollars to a couple hundred. It's all up to you!
      You should give it a go, it's a lot of fun and takes the guesswork out of getting ready every day for a few weeks. Plus, all the participants are amazing!


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