Happy blog-birthday to ME!!! (GIVEAWAY)

Friday, March 27, 2015

It was one year ago today I posted my VERY first entry!

What started as a way to document my attempted journey out of frumpy-mommydom, has now turned into so much more.

When I started this blog I never intended to be a world-famous blogger (thankfully, because that certainly hasn't happened) but rather wanted a place to share whatever. Not only have I found an outlet to express myself, I have also been so fortunate to 'meet' some amazing people/bloggers and develop some treasured friendships.

I am so excited to be celebrating one whole year of blogging and hope to celebrate many more (and hope you're all still along for the ride!).

Lastly THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! For stopping by and for those who have stuck around! I love you all!


(yes, my pre-preggo self enjoying wine - have a glass to celebrate for me, would ya?!)

What better way to celebrate than giving stuff away?!?!

I'm giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner!!! Enter below and GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Happy Blogday for you and challenge accepted on having a glass of wine for you.

  2. Happy blog-iversary! Excited to keep reading for many years to come!

  3. That is a great pic of you... you should enjoy a cupcake or something since you can't have the wine. ;) Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a devoted reader of your blog and I'm looking forward to another year! Yay!!

  4. Happy Blog-birthday Shaunacey! I started a year ago in April too and have been surprised by the amazing community of bloggers out there too. You have an amazing blog and glad to have "met" you:) Looking gorgeous in that pic!

  5. Here's to another year of documenting style my dear!!!

  6. YAY!! So glad to have found your blog! Love following along with you! Happy Birthday! Cheers!!

  7. Happy blog birthday! So glad we've become blog friends. Have a great weekend. By the way, that picture of you is GORGEOUS! There will be no such picture of me on my blog birthday :)!

    1. me too and so happy I met you early in my blogging journey!

  8. Happy Blogversary! I'm so glad we met through the blogging world! I love your blog and look forward to another year! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Doused In Pink

  9. Congratulations! That is a beautiful picture of you!

  10. Happy 1yr Blogiversary!! Love that picture of you...
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  11. Happy one year :) And I'm slowly reworking my mom style, too -- takes time, ya know??

  12. Congrats! It seems like it's been longer. So exciting :)

  13. Happy belated blog-birthday! Hope the Easter bunny finds mini-you! XO


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