Easter outfits for the little miss in your life

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Little girls are a lot of fun to dress, especially in spring!!

As much as I love shopping for myself, I can't get enough shopping for mini-me. Seriously, clothes just seem so much cuter when they're small. 

I figured Easter was a great opportunity to do some online window shopping for mini-me. 

As much as I love her in a dress, they aren't always practical. I tried to come up with an equally cute but maybe more comfortable option.

I threw in a few accessories. And before you say it, I know, my nearly two year old does not need a pink fringe purse BUT I HAD to have it on here as soon as I saw it. Seriously, tell me it's not adorable. Actually, depending on the size in real life, maybe I could borrow have it?!

I was tempted to pick out some outfits for the little man, but I'll save that for next year when he's actually here :)

Now, to try and resist buying EVERY piece in this post for mini-me!

Okay, now here's where I'm curious: what Easter traditions do you (and your family) have??

We used to always get a new outfit, chocolate/candy and a small toy. We also used to have to hunt for eggs in the morning and I remember thinking that was so much fun.

Mini-me may be a little young for an egg hunt this year, but this is one tradition I hope to continue.

Happy Easter prepping!!!

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  1. That fringe purse!! And those brightly colored pants. Cuteness galore!

  2. Okay, is it weird that I looked at these clothes for your daughter and thought that I would like them all in my size :)? So cute.

    1. I always think that when I shop for Annabelle!! Wish they made matching adult sizes

  3. All of these pieces are adorable! I used to love shopping for my daughter and dressing her up in pretty things! Now her favorite store is Pink and it's all about yoga pants and sweatshirts!

    Doused In Pink

    1. lol I guess I should enjoy dressing her up while I can!


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