Valentine's Day for Toddlers

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mini-me is not quite two, but I LOVE any kind of holidays and wanted to do something for her for Valentine’s Day… but what?

I don’t necessarily love holidays because of the gifts, but more the fun associated with them. I remember getting excited for even the smallest of holidays as a child and I want the same for mini-me (and future mini of course).

So, what do you get/do for a toddler for Valentine’s Day??

Here’s some ideas:

A cute card
Right now mini-me is excited about anything (I mean, anything) that includes a picture of one of her favorite characters (or really even any character she recognizes). So natuarlly, when I happened upon a Dora Valentine, I had to have it. AND an added bonus: it comes with stickers!!!

Savings tip: you can make a card easily with some stock paper and pictures (from old books/magazines) and/or stickers. The possibilities are endless. 

Coloring books and crayons
Mini-me is a big fan of coloring. Amazingly (and thankfully), she'll sit at her little table and color her heart out for quite a while. 

Coloring books can be picked up from Walmart or the Dollar store for $1 a piece and crayons can be purchased for the same. 

Savings tip: while this is a thrifty gift to begin with, you can also find Valentine's Day themed printable coloring sheets online and create your very own customized color book for your little. 

Family fun tip: sit down and color with your little one(s)! Mini-me LOVES when I 'help' her color. It's a good excuse for you to sit down and it shows your littles that they can enjoy quiet time with mom/dad. PLUS it kind of makes you feel like a kid again when you sit down and color with crayons. 

Cupcake baking/decorating
Yes, mini-me is pretty little BUT I'm quickly learning she LOVES to 'help'. Sometimes that means things take longer and sometimes it means we make a mess, but  it's worth it to see the pride on her face when she sees the finished result. It's good for her confidence and forces me to enjoy a task that might otherwise be mundane. 

Yes, I will be making cupcakes from a boxed cake mix (feel free to make  from scratch if you so desire - you can find some yummy recipies HERE) and using pre-packaged icing (again, you can make from scratch and it's fairly easy but it was on sale for $1 so pre-packaged it is). You can find all kinds of cute Valentine's Day themed cupcake  holders from the Dollar store. You can even get cute heart-shaped sprinkles (yes, it will be messy, but so much fun :)

I bought good old 'fluffy white' icing, which I'll add a little red food color to make it 'festive' and away we go!

How do you have a toddler 'help'? Well, she can dump the box into the bowl, I can pre-measure the water or milk and she can dump that in (with my guiding hand, of course) and she can 'mix' (aka stick the wisk in  the bowl before I actually mix it). She can probably help me line the muffin tin AND you know she'll be all over icing (which again, will very likely result in a mess, as well as some taste-testing). Sprinkles just have mini-me written ALL over them so that'll be her job (if you want to try and keep it somewhat tidy, use a baking sheet underneath). 

Saving tip: you can  literally scour the contents of  your baking cupboard and make whatever you have ingredients for. There are lots of websites where you can enter ingredients and it will generate recipes is one I use ALL of the time! 

Family fun tip: let's be serious, this activity will be fun for EVERYone! You may need to do some cleaning when you're done, but you'll have yummy treats and a beaming-with-pride toddler. 

Happy almost Valentine's day!! xoxo


  1. You're such a good mommy, and your daughter will have so much fun! I still give my boys valentines - nowadays it's chocolate and a gift card (usually for food). They don't say much but I'm sure if I stopped they'd be upset!

  2. Replies
    1. lol those are Wilton... mine didn't look quite that cute!

  3. You are WAY better at decorating cupcakes then me! And, I have to bring in some for Nathan's class this V-Day! I am making the funfetti ones, so easy and good!

    1. I really should have put that those weren't my cupcakes... ours were cute, but not nearly as much as the ones Wilton posts :)
      Hope you had fun making your cupcakes!


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