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Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscar weekend is nearly upon us. I'm sad to say it's very likely I haven't heard of, let alone seen, the majority of the movies nominated for awards BUT that doesn't stop me from enjoying the show!

As much as I know there are some amazing movies to be watched and celebrated, it's probably  no surprise that my favorite part of the Oscars is seeing what everyone is wearing. I can't help but imagine what I would wear if I ever found myself walking the red carpet.

It just so happens that the planned linkup topic for this week is about glamming it up for the Oscars! I was a little overwhelmed and somewhat daunted by the task of picking a possible dress out of the millions of possibilities that exist on the internet. Where would I even start?!

As fate would have it, I procrastinated writing this post until today when I was able to partner up with Weddington Way to create my own Ocsar look using a dress from their chiffon bridesmaid line. I was inspired by ALL of the beautiful dresses (and there are A LOT).

It was still challenging to pick just one dress, but I managed to pick something elegant and beautiful.

Naturally, I can't just show you a picture of the dress, I had to create my entire dream look. So here it is:

Dress - "Style 6651 by After Six is a one shoulder full length bridesmaid dress in lux chiffon. It features a twist detail at the draped bodice."
I chose this dress because it's simple and elegant. I went with this beautiful green color because it's not something I'd usually wear, it's unique, and it's not my default black dress ;) 
Check out Weddington Way on Facebook for lots of dress ideas and contests! They're also on Pinterest and a great resource for your wedding or glam boards!

Jewelry - I'd stick with just earrings for this one because of all the other accessories I'd want BUT the earrings would need to be fantastic! I want big gold chandelier earrings that would graze the top of my shoulders, emphasizing the one-shoulder design of the dress (and my magically toned arms - this is my Oscar 'dream' after-all). 

Makeup - I love me a smoky eye so it would be a must-have for this dramatic evening look. I would pair that with a nude lip so as to not overdo it. 

Nails - Okay, being a Jamberry girl I OBVIOUSLY need to pick some gold jams to add to my look. I'm loving metallic gold pinstripe OR mirror metallic gold.

Hair - For me, it wouldn't be a fancy night out without a pretty updo. A loose curly updo to be exact and possibly over to the side (the side opposite the shoulder of the dress - for good measure). 

Clutch - Any excuse for a new purse works for me! Now that I think about it, I don't have a gold clutch... 

Shoes - I will pretend for a minute that I don't live where it's -30 and that if I were attending a red carpet event, I'd be able to rock some strappy sandals without losing appendages due to frostbite. Yes, I picked Jimmy Choos... a girl has gotta dream. 

There it is folks... so if you do happen to see me on the red carpet one day, this may just be what you see me in. 

Happy star-gazing this weekend!! xo

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  1. So pretty. I love the dark green color of that dress with all of the gold accessories... even the gold jams! Which I have that striped set! The earrings are gorgeous, too.

    1. Oh yeah I forgot you have those!!!
      I know, now I want new earrings!

  2. What a pretty look! Love the emerald green color. I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing.

    Daily Style Finds

  3. So perfect. Yes all the choices were overwhelming! Glad that you at least had help narrowing it down to hundreds instead of thousands, haha! :) Love the bold eye and nude if only we could do this for day...

  4. Love the green and gold combo!

  5. Beautiful! That green color would look amazing on you.

  6. I think you would look absolutely fabulous in that green dress. The color is just fantastic!

  7. Great minds think alike. Our blog posts are very similar. You could totally rock this entire look! The shoes are so pretty, almost like a sculpture. Love the addition of the makeup picture. I didn't think of that. Fun!

    1. I'm going to head over and check it out!! doesn't it make you want to dress up?!

  8. I can totally see you in this look!

  9. That dress is gorgeous and I can totally see you wearing it! The emerald green and gold are so pretty together! I'm looking forward to watching the red carpet too!

    Doused In Pink

  10. I kind of have a think for one shouldered dresses. Great choice!

  11. Love this look you put together! I could see myself in the same outfit, complete with long hair and toned arms! (Dreaming here....)

  12. That choice of color is amazing. I love green too! And great choice on hair and make up. You would look stunning.

    Jessica |

  13. Super stunning dress, wanted it from the moment I saw it. HouseOfBrides is another top bridal dresses store, worth checking it out.


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