what i wore - fall flashback

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

it's 9pm and I'm writing this post with a very, WIDE AWAKE toddler at my side. I will leave the complaining at that. She's happy and cute... and awake. Enough said.

I have gotten dressed this past week... in things... clothes and such.

It's getting cold so I'm pretty much wearing scarves on the daily. I can't get enough of them. I'm also confident I need more. Scarves just seem like something you can never have enough of. And shoes of course. You can never have too many shoes.

Here's how this week is going to go down. I'm going to check my blog photo album and pic my favs from the fall. It wasn't that long ago and lets be serious, odds are I've worn the majority in the past week (I haven't shopped - GASP - thank goodness the Winter Style Challenge is starting soon!)

okay this makes me realize that there are a few wardrobe pieces I haven't busted out in a while... booties, red pants and grey jeans in particular!

I find it hard to figure out shoes... flats are out now that we have snow so it really seems boots are the only solution. I miss my flats.

Okay - pep talk time. I'm going to be a better picture taker and I'm doing to put more effort into getting dressed. I WILL NOT go back to my yoga pants wearing days (unless I'm doing yoga, but let's be serious, I'm sucking at the working out bit lately too). I will not be a frumpy mommy.


I've also been a horrible blog reader. My Internet has sucked lately and I give up way to easy (and go to bed lol). I want to get to be a better reader too!!
I do appreciate every single one of my readers and treasure all your comments and I genuinely hate when I don't have the time (or energy or working Internet) to read and write back. I'll add this to my pep-talk - BE A BETTER BLOG READER!!!

now... I just need to give mini-me a pep-talk and we'll be good to go!

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  1. You can never have too many scarves or shoes! I miss my flats in the winter too! Love all of these outfits! You have a great scarf collection!


  2. I agree that you can never have too many scarves! I definitely need to get myself a few more too! lol And shoes of course too!

  3. Yep I'm with you on the scarves and I know what you mean about the boots with this weather there are not many options for us Canadian girls is there! ;) These are all really cute looks.

  4. You can do it! I would bring you wine to help you out, if I didn't live across the country

  5. "I have gotten dressed this past week... in things... "

    best. line. ever. I really did laugh out loud.

    1. lol well it's true... that's about all I'm managing to do ;)

  6. My favorite is the first outfit in the second row... the one with red skinnies and a chambray shirt w/ vest. I feel it gets SO hectic this time of year that getting dressed nice each day is even more exhausting. But, I try. And, I really want to do one of those style challenges during a warmer part of the year. I am also planning on finally getting my new jams on this weekend, I haven't even had time to do that yet! Going to try the tinsel!!

    1. yes, you need to sign up for a Style Challenge - maybe the spring one!! you'd love it!
      I need to get some new jams on this weekend! You'll have to take a pic and show me when you've got yours on!

  7. I'm seeing a lot of burgundy & red! Boots are still a great option as far as shoes. They add an edgy vibe.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I'll take it! Edgy isn't typically me, but I like it ;)


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