sneaky spiders

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I don't like spiders. I may or may not be terrified of them.

Naturally, when a big juicy spider appeared, seemingly out of no where, on my dashboard while driving, I had what one may describe as a 'freak out'.

Thankfully, I had the where with all to pull over and try and hit the spider with my water bottle. Obviously, I missed and the spider seemed to fall in my bag (my lunch/work bag). I contemplated getting out of the car, dumping out the bag and ensuring that the spider had indeed fallen in my bag. I didn't. Primarily, because I felt that the owners of the house I had pulled over in front of would wonder why the hell I was dumping the contents of my car of their lawn.

I did; however, drive the remainder of the way home giving the above-mentioned bag a little shake every now and then (you know, just in case the spider had decided to try and make his way out).

Wouldn't you know, that when I finally arrived home, dumped the bag, the spider was no where to be found.

You know what this means right? My car is now essentially a ticking time bomb for a lurking spider.

It's inevitable, that, when I least expect it, that spider is going to make itself known... crawling up my leg while I'm driving on the highway or something. UGH.

Why are spiders so sneaky? And why am I so scared of them? And most importantly, when is that sneaky little bugger going to make himself known again?


  1. I hate spiders, too! I am working on cleaning out and organizing our garage and oh my did I see some big juicy spiders the other day when I was sweeping! UGH! Hate them!

  2. And now it feels like there is something crawling up my leg

  3. I'm okay with spiders, but show me a snake and I will lose it. Although a spider roaming freely in my car would be a bit worrisome. When I was 12 a tarantula fell on my head....and just sat there until I shook it off. Maybe I should blog about that story :)!

  4. I keep finding spiders all over our house lately and I don't know where they are coming from. I hate them too!


  5. I HATE Spiders, or any bug of any kind..ha!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. Spiders are the worst!! And I keep finding these teeny tiny ones!! Now I'm afraid the big mamas somewhere close!! EEEKKK!!

  7. Okay, so ironically, I had a run in with a spider yesterday I definitely laughed when I read this. As I turned off the shower and started to get out, I felt something on my chest, sure enough...a spider was crawling on ME! Ahhhhhhhh....


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