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Monday, October 13, 2014

Today marks Canadian Thanksgiving.

For some reason, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It may have something to do with my general love of fall and the abundance of delicious eats; however, I'm confident my real love for this holiday has more to do with people and the whole idea of giving thanks.

I try to generally be grateful but with all of the day-to-day "stuff" of life, gratefulness sometimes gets put on a back-burner. It really is something I need to be more conscientious about. Being grateful.

I made a point today, and this weekend in general, to at least think about the things I"m grateful for. I won't attempt to create an exhaustive list (because it's ever-changing/growing) but I will give you a few,

This Thanksgiving, I'm giving an extra-big dose of thankful for the following:

  • my happy healthy beautiful girl. I could gush for pages/hours about mini-me. I'll endeavor to keep it brief. She is my heart, my soul, and I'm especially grateful for the exact age and stage she is right now. Watching her grow into her own little person and personality is not only an absolute pleasure, but the greatest honor I'll ever be bestowed. Words can't described my love for this child and what a true blessing she is. Her smile and laugh literally lights up a room and my whole heart.

  • my husband. He drives me crazy sometimes but I love this man. He is a wonderful husband, friend and partner and there is no doubt in my mind, he is one of the best fathers in the entire world. Mini-me and I are so so lucky to call him ours. He's super handsome too, added bonus ;)
  • my family. I love each and every one of them. I love that this holiday pretty much requires us to spend time together. I'm thankful every time I see them, though never enough and I don't tell them when I should. I am also thankful for how wonderful they are with mini-me. To see their love for her only strengthens my love for them.

  • my friends. I don't see them enough but I have amazing friends. The kind of people I could call without any notice and they'd literally drop everything to help me out. Those sentiments are echoed. I love you all.
  • all of you. I don't get to contribute as much or as often as I'd like her. It's not always as insightful as I had intended this blog to at some point be BUT it's my place. It's my place where I can go and just be me. Once you become a wife and then a mother, sometimes it feels like the other parts of you get put away. Not here. Here I'm me, just the me who also happens to be a wife and mom. AND I have all these new and wonderful people to share with and be witness to their own journeys. So thank you.
Okay, enough of the cheese for now. I know most of you are not Canadian, but let this be a reminder to think about the things you're grateful for today AND give you something to look forward to as your Thanksgiving approaches.

All the thanks in the world,


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  1. I love this post. I've been working really hard on being grateful this year - it just makes you feel better! I'm grateful that I met you and your blog :)! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. I know, it's a hard thing to remember to do sometimes.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I was drooling over all of the Thanksgiving pics on IG, can't wait for ours here in the US next month. :) You are thankful for all of the right and important things in your life!

  3. What a great list of things to be grateful for! I think this November I'm going to list three blessings in my life each day; hoping to see life through eyes of grace not just one day a year but every day.


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