Monday in a minute... makeup disaster

Monday, August 11, 2014

Here's what I consider a poor start to my day:

I can be deep and insightful but I admittedly have my superficial and materialist moments. For example, the sinking feeling when one of my newly purchased bronzers (or blush, or pressed powder as the case may be) decides to commit the ultimate makeup self-destruction by hopping out of my makeup bag and crashing onto the cold, hard bathroom tile. UGH. 

It's like flushing $40 down the toilet. 

I tried to salvage but it'll never be the same. 


In other news, any bronzer recommendations? Ones with rubber containers perhaps?


  1. Didn't break the mirror too did ya. That would be a double whammy. Worst feeling ever tho

  2. Boo!!! Try bare minerals bronzer. Love their products.

  3. I have NEVER done this... but, it would ruin my morning!! My daughter loves to get into my makeup and that is horrible, too... she is so rough with the eyeshadow brushes, etc., that she just tears the shadows apart! Which is why my makeup is off limits for her now and I let her play with some of my old sets before her bath if she wants... :)

  4. Ugh!
    I use Bare Minerals and love it!

  5. Boo! That's horrible way to start a Monday! How was the start of your Tuesday?

  6. Umm, yeah, I feel this pain myself at times. I dislike it very much!

  7. Oh, I can so feel your pain! I purchased a eye shadow palette...88 eye colors and a few days later dropped it on the bathroom floor. I was left with a colorful mess! Ugh!

  8. I feel your pain! Nothing worse than starting your day like that! Hope the rest of your week has been better!


    1. thanks... now have a sick baby on our hands but it's almost Friday!

  9. Oh worst nightmare!!! I've done that before and literally cried hahaha

  10. Oh no!! That's the worst! I once bought a $20 or $30 make up brush, told the cashier I didn't need a bag (that's my M.O. by the way) but it into another bag, proceeded to return the item in said other bag and politely asked the cashier if she could recycle my bag for me. Um, hello Yalanda? Good bye make up brush.


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