how 'Shark Week' has made me a better mom

Friday, August 15, 2014

It's that time of the year again. 

My reminders of impending Shark Week usually include a barrage of commercials as well as 'hints' from Mr. B that that's all we'll be watching for a solid week. My response usually is something along the lines of: "if you think I'm watching that all week you're nuts" (there may or may not have been some expletives in there when I actually said it). 

So this go around I relented. I decided that since there's literally NOTHING on tv right now, I'd survive if Shark Week was on in the background while I read blogs and played on Facebook. 

And then I started watching. 

I'm not entirely sure why I found it so fascinating or why I wasn't able to pull myself away. I spent most of my nights this week (after mini-me was in bed, of course) perched infront of a tv screen filled with underwater scenes from shark-infested waters all over the world. Yes, I should have been cleaning or something, but this momma needs some downtime and there's  no way I'm vacuuming with a sleeping baby. Those days are gone. 

My newfound obsession has had, what I would argue is, a positive impact on me and my role as mom. I will explain. 

It's been A week. You know, the weeks where work is crazy busy, you're parenting on your own because your partner is working late AND the house is a mess. I mean a mess. I mean there are tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling down the hallway and rings in the toilet from the water. There aren't too many dishes on the counter (solely because we have a dishwasher) but laundry (both clean and dirty) seems to be piled up all over the place. 

I went  to change mini-me's bum this morning only to realize we're out of wipes. This led to me hollering to Mr. B to grab the emergency wipes out  of the diaper bag. We're also out of dog food (again, due to the lack of time I've had this week to go and get any of this crap) which led to Lilo eating bread and peanut butter for breakfast. He didn't seem to mind but I still felt bad. 

Mini-me was sick this week so three nights were spent trying to get her back to sleep and bringing her into our bed which subsequently led to me being kicked in the face by tiny feet all night. Either way, no sleep. 

SO ALL of this "stuff" is going on (or not going on i.e. cleaning) but I'm trying not to get too stressed and that fact that I'm trying (though some might argue, with minor success) to not stress out is owed, at least in part, to Shark Week. Yes, you read that right, I thank Shark Week for helping keep my sh!t together.

How can I possible attribute any sort of lack of panic due to Shark Week? WELL instead of being consumed by a house full of dog hair, I could, in fact, be being consumed by a shark (okay, well not technically, because the chances of a shark attack are like 1 in a million or something but whatever). While I'm likely at risk of being swallowed alive by unfolded laundry, I am not likely to be swallowed by a shark. That dog food I keep forgetting to buy, well, at least we're not all shark food. See where I'm going with this? Things could be worse.

I've embraced a new attitude this week, "F it, at least I'm not getting bit by a shark" or "well, could be worse, I could be surrounded by sharks". Some how,  some way, it's helping keep my cool (and by 'keep my cool' I don't really mean that I'm super calm and relaxed,  more that I'm not an emotional basketcase - like I could be, if I were surrounded by  sharks per say). 

so thank you Shark Week, not only have you ensured that I will never stick my feet in the ocean, you also helped me calm the crazy this week. My family thanks you.


  1. "F it, at least I'm not getting bit by a shark" is going to be my new go to phrase when things are going badly in my life - I laughed when I read that! My son has recorded tons of shark week shows but we haven't had time to watch them yet. I actually swam with the sharks when I was in Hawaii a few years ago - I should blog about that!

    1. hahaha, it can always be worse ;)
      you swam with sharks? you crazy!!!!

  2. Haha! I love it! Next try Game Of Thrones. You'll be able to find a few 'well at least I'm not (insert terrible calamity) in that one too!

  3. Love this post! I'm hooked on Shark Week too and I love the way you put everything in perspective!


  4. Maybe I should have been watching too! I need a shark adjustment on my attitude... LOL
    Thanks so much for hooking up with #BlogDiggity :)

    1. lol - now whenever I'm stressed I'll think "I need a shark adjustment"

  5. Honestly, TV so helps with my stress. The more mindless the better. That's why I love reality TV lol. It's just nice to veg out. Confession, though: I've never watched shark week! Not intentionally. Just never have. Can we still be friends? hehe :)


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