Saturday, August 30, 2014

So remember nearly two weeks ago when I set a goal to work out 10 times over 14 days. Well I failed.

Last week I did great, worked out 5 times and set myself up to meet my goal with still having two rest days. And then I hurt my knee.

I'm not sure how I did it, but I'm not walking with a limp and unable to do my 'leg day' today. Tear.

I'm praying it just fixes itself so I can get back on track next week (I did manage 3 workouts this week, so not a total loss).

On a positive note: I'm actually disappointed that I'm not able to work out. This is new for me. Previously, any excuse to not hit the gym was found, even sought. Now, I actually somewhat look forward to getting my gym-time in. So, the realization that I'm unhappy when I miss workouts, is a good thing.

Also, my inability to go to the gym (or walk well in general) means I get another day to chill with my family. Could be worse!

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.

fall outfit inspiration #3 - burgundy pants

Friday, August 29, 2014

So I FINALLY got around to creating another outfit for the fall.

I also managed to do some fall shopping this past week which included a pair of burgundy pants. I got them home and realized I'm not entirely (or at all) sure what I'm going to wear them with. Hence, the inspiration for this polyvore creation!

This might help me a little bit!

fall outfit inspiration - burgundy pants

Tiger print sweater
97 CAD - pret-a-beaute.com

Vero Moda stretch pants
50 CAD - veromoda.com

Maiden Lane leopard pumps
97 CAD - gilt.com

Charlotte Russe ballet shoes
25 CAD - charlotterusse.com

Luella zip tote bag
81 CAD - oliverbonas.com

Mondevio gold jewelry
31 CAD - overstock.com

Lightweight scarve
35 CAD - marksandspencer.com

Opi nail polish
21 CAD - debenhams.com

Essie nail polish
9.22 CAD - nordstrom.com

What is it about fall clothing that's so much fun?

Stay tuned and I swear, at some point, I will be attempting to wear my versions of my fall outfit inspirations!

See here and here to see my previous fall outfit designs.

Until next time...

What I wore Wednesday - Work-wear style challenge week #1

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm doing another challenge with Alison @ Get Your Pretty On!

This challenge focuses on business casual looks. 
When the shopping list came out, I was super excited to see there were very little things I needed to purchase (Mr. B was also pleased about this!). 

I don't need to dress up for work, but I always feel better when I do. Plus, I do like to have a repertoire of 'work outfits' for when I have meetings or just want to switch it up. 

I may not follow this 100% BUT I haven't posted outfits in a while (likely since the last challenge) so it'll motivate me to post and get some clothing pics up regardless how closely I'm following!

Hope you'll follow along and don't forget to check out the blogs of my fellow participants below.

alright... so here's what I've been wearing:


Too hot for anything but shorts (even though I don't think I have EVER posted a pic of me in shorts).
Top: Forever21, Shorts: old, Shoes: Lord and Taylor, Necklace: Target
Red lips care of MAC - read more about those here

It was "Family Day" which involved a trip to the zoo so clearly a sheath dress and dress shirt wouldn't work PLUS it was a billion degrees here (and people say Canada is cold - pshh)
Shorts: H&M, Sandals: Birkenstock, Glasses: RayBan

Not sure what this is going to be yet. Going for comfort today because I'm heading with mini-me's daycare on a field trip!! Wish me luck!!

the gift of family time

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I mentioned yesterday that this year I asked Mr. B for a different kind of birthday present. I requested that he take a day off work (while I'm off work, of course) and that we spend the day together as a family.

Sure, we have most weekends together but they're often filled with things we need to do like laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping etc.

I specifically wanted a bonus day, a day where we didn't vacuum or dust (as if that happens anyways) and a day that was devoted entirely to having fun (minus mini-me's 15mo needle - but she championed through that anyways).

I am very happy to report the day was everything I had hoped it would be.

AND, much to Mr. B's boss's future chagrin, I am hoping to make this a regular occurrence. It might not be a once a month thing,  but maybe at least every other month. It's worth his missed wages for the day (our bank account may later disagree with that statement but such is life).

Finally, after being back at work for 4 months I am realizing that I am not likely to ever feel that I'm rocking the working mom thing. I am not likely to feel like my baby girl and husband are getting the best of me and my time. SO, we are going to have to MAKE opportunities for extra time. Time outside of all the regular crap.

I'm making it official. Even if it's once every two or three months, we WILL have a bonus family day because we all had fun, we all work for it (I'm sure mini-me puts in her hard time at daycare) and our family is worth it.

Here's a picture recap of our day:

I challenge you all to see where you might be able to make time/opportunity for extra family time (or maybe you're already doing that and I'm just finally arriving to that party ;)

Monday in a minute... change of plans

Monday, August 25, 2014

Remember last week when I admitted to being a workout failure? AND I committed to doing 10 workouts in 14 days. Well... I am happy to report that I'm on day 8 and have worked out 6 times! GO ME!

I will ignore the fact that I've consumed more then my average share of wine and food. I'm on vacation, give me a break.

I have decided to scrap my original 'to-do' list and replace it with a new and improved one. On my new list: relax, workout, some birthday shopping and spend quality time with my family. If I manage to find time to do other things so be it.

So that's my goal this week... ENJOY my time off and not worry about all of the things I'm not doing.

On the agenda tomorrow, FAMILY DAY!! All I asked Mr. B for for my birthday (the 27th) was a bonus day as a family so that's what we're doing tomorrow! I'm abnormally excited!

here's a preview of my week, I AM the lucky one!

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Today, I had a sick baby and it might be just what I needed

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm going to say something that the 'Mom Gods' are going to be mad at me for but it needs to be said: Today, I realized, even if only for a few hours, that being stuck at home with a sick baby was just what I needed.

Yesterday, I was irritated. I had just started a two week vacation and my 'to-do' list was stressing me out. So much for any kind of relaxing. There's stuff that needs to get done, a house to clean, a party to throw, hair to be dyed, dinners to be prepped, a birthday to be had (mine - ew), workouts to be done, play dates to be had etc etc. The list is literally endless. And daunting. And when I started making the list on 'day one', I started stressing about how I was possibly going to fit it all in, yet alone actually enjoy  my time off.

I had already planned to put mini-me in daycare some of the days I'm off. I love the little monkey, but some things are just easier on my own (i.e. working out and prepping any kind of food, particularly when raw meat is involved). Plus, I'm paying whether she's there or not. Yes, that's my mom-guilt rationalizing, just leave me to it.

Then mini-me threw a wretch in my plans and got sick. How dare she?! We have been up the last two nights with a very sad, feverish, whiny, and just generally unhappy little girl.

I had planned to take mini-me up north to visit my dad and step-mom but last night's fever, lack of sleep and an impromptu trip to the doctor's office today kinda kibosh-ed that plan, as well as any other things I had on the to-do list/agenda today.

It's important for me to note, in no way, shape or form, do I like having a sick baby. I literally am in pain seeing her hurting and not being able to fit it. BUT mini-me's unplanned sickness did me some good.

At one point today I consciously decided "you're not going to check off anything on your list today and you need to let it go" so I did.

Today, I relented to the fact that I couldn't accomplish what I had planned/hoped/intended.

Today, I let my baby girl take an hour and a half nap on my chest while I laid on the couch and watched soap operas.

Today, I did what I could with the time I had. I put no pressure on myself because I had a sick little girl who needed my attention.

I took the pressure off myself. I gave myself a break.

Despite the blowouts, the whining and the mood swings, mini-me and I made it through.

We not only survived the day, but I managed to run the vacuum, buy some groceries, make dinner and do dishes.

No, I didn't workout. I didn't scrub toilets or prepare any meals for the weeks to come. I didn't check off anything on my list but I didn't add to it either.

Today, I reveled in the sleepy snuggles, the bouts of silly laughter for no reason and all the moments my sweet girl had to offer.

Today I relaxed.

Today, I stayed home with my sick baby and I think it was just what I needed.

The Life Of Faith

Monday in minute... gym time

Monday, August 18, 2014

So over the last few months I've REALLY been trying to workout more. I'm also trying to enjoy it. Some days are better than others.

Last week was a giant crap-shoot for time. Work was crazy which led to days with no lunches and evenings working from home (ew). This meant my lunch-time gym outings were non-existent (that's a lie, I went once). Mr. B's work was just as busy and that combined with him working a sidejob meant single-parenting for me. That meant no gym-time in the evenings.

I worked out once last week and I didn't feel good about that (that's gotta be a good sign though, right? To be sad about missing workouts).

Anywho, today marks day 1 of my two-week vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be a busy two weeks because my to-do list is huge (and growing exponentially by the minute it seems) BUT I am committing here and now to do 10 workouts before I return to work. That's 5 days a week. There. I've said it. Hold me accountable!

Day one - CHECK!

QUESTION for you: how do you fit workouts in when you're incredibly crunched for time???

I should add: getting up early is NOT an option. We're up at 6 or so most days, earlier than that I'm not sure I can function.

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fall outfit inspiration #2 blue pants

Saturday, August 16, 2014

So, apparently I'm embarking on a series of sorts... things I may or may not be wearing this fall.

You'll be amazed to know I actually purchased the pants from the first outfit HERE so there's a very strong likelihood you'll see something from this post as well in the near future...

How super cute is this?

fall outfit inspiration - red blazer, blue pants, leopard shoes

Vero Moda lace up shirt
33 CAD - veromoda.com

Boohoo ruched sleeve jacket
44 CAD - boohoo.com

Calvin Klein zipper pants
54 CAD - calvinklein.com

Tory Burch flat pumps
275 CAD - cusp.com

Office pointed pumps
120 CAD - office.co.uk

ALDO crossbody shoulder bag
33 CAD - aldoshoes.com

Dinny Hall gold vermeil jewelry
535 CAD - liberty.co.uk

I already purchased some super cute blue pants and own some leopard flats thanks to the spring style challenge

Also - even though I picked a necklace for $550, I can pretty much guarantee, I will NOT be purchasing a gold necklace for that much. Priorities. Groceries and diapers may be more important (for now).

What I love about these outfits is that you can find all the pieces at ANY price-point!

Happy fall shopping :)

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how 'Shark Week' has made me a better mom

Friday, August 15, 2014

It's that time of the year again. 

My reminders of impending Shark Week usually include a barrage of commercials as well as 'hints' from Mr. B that that's all we'll be watching for a solid week. My response usually is something along the lines of: "if you think I'm watching that all week you're nuts" (there may or may not have been some expletives in there when I actually said it). 

So this go around I relented. I decided that since there's literally NOTHING on tv right now, I'd survive if Shark Week was on in the background while I read blogs and played on Facebook. 

And then I started watching. 

I'm not entirely sure why I found it so fascinating or why I wasn't able to pull myself away. I spent most of my nights this week (after mini-me was in bed, of course) perched infront of a tv screen filled with underwater scenes from shark-infested waters all over the world. Yes, I should have been cleaning or something, but this momma needs some downtime and there's  no way I'm vacuuming with a sleeping baby. Those days are gone. 

My newfound obsession has had, what I would argue is, a positive impact on me and my role as mom. I will explain. 

It's been A week. You know, the weeks where work is crazy busy, you're parenting on your own because your partner is working late AND the house is a mess. I mean a mess. I mean there are tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling down the hallway and rings in the toilet from the water. There aren't too many dishes on the counter (solely because we have a dishwasher) but laundry (both clean and dirty) seems to be piled up all over the place. 

I went  to change mini-me's bum this morning only to realize we're out of wipes. This led to me hollering to Mr. B to grab the emergency wipes out  of the diaper bag. We're also out of dog food (again, due to the lack of time I've had this week to go and get any of this crap) which led to Lilo eating bread and peanut butter for breakfast. He didn't seem to mind but I still felt bad. 

Mini-me was sick this week so three nights were spent trying to get her back to sleep and bringing her into our bed which subsequently led to me being kicked in the face by tiny feet all night. Either way, no sleep. 

SO ALL of this "stuff" is going on (or not going on i.e. cleaning) but I'm trying not to get too stressed and that fact that I'm trying (though some might argue, with minor success) to not stress out is owed, at least in part, to Shark Week. Yes, you read that right, I thank Shark Week for helping keep my sh!t together.

How can I possible attribute any sort of lack of panic due to Shark Week? WELL instead of being consumed by a house full of dog hair, I could, in fact, be being consumed by a shark (okay, well not technically, because the chances of a shark attack are like 1 in a million or something but whatever). While I'm likely at risk of being swallowed alive by unfolded laundry, I am not likely to be swallowed by a shark. That dog food I keep forgetting to buy, well, at least we're not all shark food. See where I'm going with this? Things could be worse.

I've embraced a new attitude this week, "F it, at least I'm not getting bit by a shark" or "well, could be worse, I could be surrounded by sharks". Some how,  some way, it's helping keep my cool (and by 'keep my cool' I don't really mean that I'm super calm and relaxed,  more that I'm not an emotional basketcase - like I could be, if I were surrounded by  sharks per say). 

so thank you Shark Week, not only have you ensured that I will never stick my feet in the ocean, you also helped me calm the crazy this week. My family thanks you.

I have a confession... it's boob related

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have a confession to make. Until just a few weeks ago I was still wearing my nursing bras. 

Why is this an issue? Well, first, mini-me hasn't nursed during the day in months. Second, my nursing bras are so big on me I'm required to wear a tight fitting tank over top to avoid a visual 'gap'. 

Oh the shame. 

For real, when I got pregnant things changed. Grew. A LOT. I got the lecture from the maternity store on how important it is to wear the right bra and actually get fitted for it. When I finally got bras that fit, it was a game changer. I was super excited and determined I would never wear an ill-fitting bra again.I made a point to get fitted twice during the first 6 months of mini-me's life, just to make sure I was on the right track. 

Then things started to go back to pre-baby size and I kept having intentions to go get new bras (or find my old ones) but never prioritized it. I walked past numerous undergarment stores but never felt I had the time. 

I should have made the time.   

It's the summer. It's getting  hot. It's hard to wear a tank top under a tank top especially when the sole purpose of doubling-up is to hide the fact that your bra doesn't fit. So I FINALLY dragged my butt to the mall, got fitted, and got checked out in a bra. Yes, standing self-consciously infront of two sales associates in a bra while they check out how your boobs look, IS incredibly awkward. BUT, after careful analysis and a few change-ups, I left the store with some new, properly fitting bras. YAY. 

Let me tell you, the girls look so much better :) 

Advice: GET PROPERLY FITTED FOR YOUR BRAS. Gone are the days where you can walk in to a store and just leave with your 'regular size' (if those days even ever existed). I tried on two bras that were the same size and brand but a different style and one fit and the other was a train wreck. 

Already I feel much more comfortable and I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner! Don't be a bra-failure like me. The awkwardness is worth it, I promise. And 'the girls' will thank you!

Monday in a minute... makeup disaster

Monday, August 11, 2014

Here's what I consider a poor start to my day:

I can be deep and insightful but I admittedly have my superficial and materialist moments. For example, the sinking feeling when one of my newly purchased bronzers (or blush, or pressed powder as the case may be) decides to commit the ultimate makeup self-destruction by hopping out of my makeup bag and crashing onto the cold, hard bathroom tile. UGH. 

It's like flushing $40 down the toilet. 

I tried to salvage but it'll never be the same. 


In other news, any bronzer recommendations? Ones with rubber containers perhaps?

fall outfit inspiration #1

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The end of July marked the end of the summer as far as the stores in the mall are concerned. My last few mall trips I have been bombarded (and overwhelmed) by all the fall fashion.

This year I'm hoping to be more pointed about my shopping. I am HORRIBLE for buying a piece here and there and then never wearing it because I have no clue how to style it and I never considered that when purchasing. This has resulted in my clothing left tagged or worn once, never to be seen again.

So today marks the start of my fall outfit/shopping pre-planning and idea-sharing. I can't guarantee I'll actually buy and wear everything (because some things that look good in my head do NOT translate well on my body) BUT at least I have a starting point. Hope you enjoy

Fall outfit planning #1:

I saw these pants in H&M and fell in love. They inspired the outfit and I still love them. I didn't try them on because I had no time but one day I will. They're super affordable (unlike the shoes I choose - oops - clearly those will not be in my purchasing future) and cute.

I tried to pick stores that are accessible to me (I'm selfish like that)... but you could easily sub for any of the pieces.

fall 2014 - blue and yellow

H M embellished blouse
37 CAD - hm.com

H&M cotton pants
28 CAD - hm.com

ChloƩ ballet flat
575 CAD - mytheresa.com

ALDO crossbody purse
33 CAD - aldoshoes.com

ALDO clip on earrings
18 CAD - asos.com

Hope this helps inspire your fall shopping...
Stay tuned for more fall outfit inspirations

Monday in a minute... first haircut

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's a long-weekend here so I was home today with mini-me.

I decided that the time had finally come to get her first haircut. To be fair, I wanted to get in done a while ago but Mr. B was adamantly against it (good thing he was working today! Don't worry, he had a heads-up).

I was seriously getting tired of the knotty mess and figured a trim might help.

She was a rockstar (as per usual). Although, funny-thing, she was much more patient with the hairdresser than she is with me brushing her hair. I need to work on my hair-brushing skills.

Tell me her "cheese-face" isn't hilarious! I think she likes her new 'no (also, ignore my crazy, picture-taking face in the background)

til next time...