A letter to my fellow Summer Style Challengers

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear fellow Summer Style Challengers:

First, I feel it's necessary to apologize and express some of my regret around this last challenge. I am sorry that I wasn't more active in the Facebook group. I did read a lot of posts and look at and 'like' many pictures, but I didn't comment as much as I would have liked to and didn't feel as engaged as I was during the previous challenge.

I have legitimate reasons but I'm still not happy with my lack of involvement.

Second, and most importantly, thank you, AGAIN. To the previous challenge participants who signed up for round 2 and to the new participants. You are all amazing. There were days during the challenge where I was so busy, barely had time to sit down and eat, but would check the Facebook group while I attempted to stuff my face and you all, always made me smile.

I didn't think there was a way that the experience of the first group could be replicated. I didn't think it was possible for another very large group of women to get together and never say a mean thing. Once again, you all continue to restore my faith and trust in my fellow women. Thank you, this alone is invaluable.

Some of you brave women posted pictures of yourselves in your bathing suits and you all freaking rocked it. I wasn't quite brave enough to attempt a bathing suit selfie, but I admire all of you beautiful women who did. You also almost motivated me enough to do it but I just never got around to it. But know, that every single picture was beautiful and every time I saw one and the amazing feedback, it brought me a little closer to also stepping out of my comfort zone knowing that I would face no ridicule with you. Think of the safety people must have felt in the group to be able to do that.

The personal comments I received have helped me feel more confident in my style choices and in my own skin. I wore white pants one day and felt super uncomfortable and then the feedback from you ladies started rolling in and I went to the mall in my outfit with confidence that I hadn't had earlier that day. You gave me that.

Alison - THANK YOU again! You made my life so much easier during what felt like a whirlwind. As I'm wading my way through that whole mom, work, life balance, I sometimes feel a little lazy when it comes to putting myself together. You've helped keep me motivated to put the effort in and made it easy for me by telling me what and how to do it. There's not been one day since I 'met' you that I regretted putting myself together. You're changing lives. Sure, it's about clothes and style but it's also about image and confidence and those are things many women don't work on enough. Thank you, from me and all of the other women you help feel great every day.

Once again, this challenge confirms to me the power of words, the importance of a genuine compliment, and that you never know when someone really needs it. YOU and your words could be the thing that changes someone's day or perspective. It's like magic and we all have that power.

with lots of love



  1. You are so awesome! You always say it best - my thoughts exactly. I was so impressed when some of the ladies started posting bathing suit selfies - like you said, the level of comfort with this group was astounding!

    1. you are so awesome, because you always are so sweet!
      I know, the bathing suit selfies were awesome! It just shows what a great group we have.

  2. Ahhh, love you, baby girl. Thank you for this beautiful letter. I will carry it in my heart. We missed you this go-round but know that you are still finding your balance between work and home. Each day will come easier and before you know it, you will be a pro at dancing backward in heels. Just remember to take time for yourself and your relationship with your honey. When those are your priorities, everything else seems to fall into place.
    Will look forward to seeing more of you in the near future. In the meantime know that you have 600 virtual friends here when you need us.

    1. Oh Leslie, you're always so sweet to me! I'm so glad I 'met' you! I've been trying to stay somewhat involved but it's been challenging. Work has been very busy and it's hard to find that balance some days (I'm actually taking a break from some overtime work right now).
      Love you ladies!!

  3. LOVE this!!! So glad we found each other through through the challenges!! =)

  4. I know my response is late but I totally appreciate your letter and the manner in which you wrote - very personal and heart-felt. Thanks for always being real. For me, that is something I value highly!


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