my favs this week: father's day edition

Friday, June 6, 2014

A lot of us are having to think quickly about what to get our dads/husbands/grandfathers for Father's Day next weekend.

If you're like me, you wait til the last minute and make a really quick decision. My dad usually ends up with all of the fishing supplies I can find (that don't smell or look too much like real dead things).

I'm on the fence what to get Mr. B, but on the off-chance he reads this, I need to keep my ideas to myself for now (be prepared, this one could be a doozy - is that how you spell doozy? is doozy even a word?).

Sooooo what you're going to get, is a list of things I think dads/husbands/grandfathers might appreciate for Father's day this year. I'm helpful like that.

  1. Tools - I should have prefaced this by saying I got a lot of help from Mr. B (a little sneaky, yes, because now I have tons of ideas). He didn't say any tools in particular, so I guess you really need to know your dad/husband/grandpa well. Regarless, Mr. B seems to think tools are a great gift (I'm confident that I will NOT be getting him tools. Sorry Mr. B).
  2. Wireless bluetooth speaker - I didn't even know this was a thing until I was asking Mr. B for ideas and he told me about his friends speaker. Apparently this is the thing to have (who knew?!). They range in price from 14.99 - 799.99 (whoa) so there's room for every budget.
  3. A round of golf - if your dad is anything like mine, he loves his golf. Certificates for a round often go on sale so you can keep it affordable and your dad will save the fees. It's the perfect gift if the man in your life likes golf in the slightest (plus, super easy at the last minute as most places sell them online).
  4. BEER - this was Mr. B's idea. He actually said "booze'. I'm going to suggest you think about it a little but more and perhaps do a beer of the month membership where they get a fun new beer sent to them every month to try. While you're at it, hook me up with a membership ;)
  5. Something homemade - if you have kids, this is your ticket to freedom. Slap a handprint on a piece of paper and you have a gift. Write something remotely mushy and you're mother of the year. For real. The actual baseball with a handprint I don't recommend trying until your children are much older. Apparently babies put their ink-covered hands in their mouths, on the bed, on your face, on anything white etc. Chill on the handprints until they're older not to unintentionally touch everything.
  6. Homecooked dinner - again, Mr. B's idea. As if I don't make him dinner almost every day. I think he meant a dinner tailored very specificaly to him. At least I hope that's what he meant.
  7. Sports tickets - it's not only the gift of the tickets, but assuming you attend with, it's the gift of your company AND a day out (ideally without children). I KNOW Mr. B is DYING to attend a Jays game. I'm working on it.
  8. A day off - if you're lucky like me, you have a husband who does nearly half of the parenting/chores/household stuff. A day off is something that doesn't come easy or often. One day to sleep-in, not do chores, and to watch stupid movies all day (I literally cannot watch Ghostbusters one more time!) might be all they need to make/keep them happy.


  1. It's always so difficult to pick a present for a guy. I've been struggled a lot before and this post is very helpful. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I know, I always struggle with presents for the men in my life! Always easier to give other people ideas!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! Sadly honey is kind of a-typical. He loved the hand-made gift from Gabe and I last year though! I think I might have to go that route again haha xo Keila

  3. Great ideas on your list! My hubby is actually pretty easy to buy for - it's my dad that I have trouble with. Have a great weekend!


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