Monday in a minute (June 30, 2014)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Friday off, today as a vacation day and tomorrow is a holiday. YAY long weekends.

Mr. B was dad of the year (again) on Sat. which mean this momma had an awesome day with one of her besties and a super fun night!! More on that later (I only have a minute after all)

I should have spent more time cleaning the house/folding laundry this past weekend but instead, we hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine. I stand by my decision.

The BBQ Mr. B got for Father's Day has been getting daily use. It's been WAY too hot to cook indoors!

I love guacamole. AND I make the best guacamole EVER. Just sayin'.

here's my cutes patoots chillin'


  1. Happy Canada Day/Day of no work/many Caesars.....

  2. I love guacamole, too... I haven't made it yet this summer, but I need to! Your daughter is so cute in her pool, we got one of those redneck pop up pools this summer and my kids have been LOVING it... they spend 3 hours in it today... I think it is the only reason I am still sane this summer ;) And yay to the 4th of July coming up soon!

    1. I could eat a gross amount of it!!
      hahah they're the best!!! Cheap and easy!

  3. Your daughter just keeps getting cuter with each picture! I'm hungry!

  4. I am VERY curious about your guacamole recipe since, well, I make the best guacamole. LOL! Happy Canada Day! xox

  5. Yum now I'm craving guac. It's one of our summer staples around here. We will have it as a meal sometimes! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  6. we made some kick ass guac with fresh avocados from my aunt's tree a few weeks ago. i want more now. thanks.


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