my favs this week (May 9, 2014)

Friday, May 9, 2014

To quickly sum up my week: sick mini-me, sick me, tired everyone. Crazy  busy at work, sh!t hitting the fan, not enough hours in the day. Not enough coffee on the planet. I heart Friday at 5pm.

Here are the things I'm loving right now...

  1. Grey Fox Cab Sav - yes, I've had red wine of my favs but this is a new find this week. I can't take credit, Mr. B found it at the liquor store. It's a delicious Californian wine but it's also really inexpensive. A 1.5L bottle is $14! SCORE!
  2. Magic bag - this combined with number 1 is pure bliss after a long day at work on a computer. It's like a warm, delicious hug. Get one of each ;)
  3. Nancy Tillman books - mini-me gets read a book (or two) EVERY night. Even though we have a lot of books, reading the same ones over and over gets old and FAST! Plus, some children's books now are just plain strange. Not these books. These books are absolutely beautiful and I cry on the regular reading them. I really enjoy reading them every time. They're so sweet and just fully capture my feelings for my sweet girl.
  4. Terra zesty tomato sweet potato chips - I'm not saying these are healthy, they aren't BUT if you were going to eat regular potato chips instead they may have a little more nutritional value. Plus, they're freakin' delicious! I won't discuss how many I ate today. Moving on....
  5. Toronto Blue Jays - we are Blue Jays fans in this house, but thankfully, this week they've (finally) given us good reason to be. Last season was a rough one but this past week it's been  great to be a Jays fan! Currently at 5 in a row and an astounding 9 run inning on Wednesday against Philadelphia. GO JAYS GO!
  6. Lululemon Wunder Under Crops - I've loved these pants for along time but finally got reacquainted with them this week in an appropriate context: I started running again (any by started, I mean I went once. Gotta start somewhere). They're comfy, covering, cute, and generally flattering (as far as tight yoga-type pants go). Not super cheap, but mine have held up well so worth the investment as far as I'm concerned. Now, I just need to not revert back to wearing them on the daily whether I'm working out or not.
  7. Too-faced shadow insurance - this stuff ROCKS! Holds eye shadow in place ALL day. I have the regular and the "candlelight" (read: shimmery) versions and I love them both for different reasons.
  8. The Goldbergs - truly a case of 'saved the best for last'. This show is FRIGGIN AWESOME! If you like to laugh and lived at any point in the 80s then this is the show for you! I seriously love this show so much I feel it's my duty to make people watch it because if it goes off of the air I'm going to be devastated. Mr. B shares my sentiments on it and I know you will too. Check it out, laugh your ass off, then tell me how much you love it and love me for telling you about it! You're welcome.

There you have it. Off to finish my Grey Fox and watch some pvr'd Goldbergs ;) Happy Friday folks


  1. You and me both watching Jays, drinking wine with a magic bag around our necks, sporting our Wunderunders. I have found my twin.

    1. HAHA hilarious! so funny, now all I need is a closet like yours and we're set!

  2. We love the Goldberg's! I was a teenager in the 80's (ahem) and that show is exactly.right.on. Even my kids think it's funny. I saw the actress who plays the mom interviewed, and all of her clothes came from the real Mrs. Goldberg. It better not get cancelled :) Have a great, relaxing mother's day weekend!

    1. I'm so glad someone else loves this show as much as we do! I read somewhere that it was renewed for another season! woohoo!
      you have a wonderful mother's day too!!

  3. Not enough hours in the day - that's just my problem as well. Thanks for sharing, especially the Goldbergs sound good!


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