baby steps and what I wore

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yes it's Wednesday where I typically post some things I've been wearing and lately I have writing about everyday inspiration (as are a few of my blogger friends). I'm going to start with the inspiration and it's two-fold but the first one is BIG TIME!





Mini-me took her first steps tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll admit, prior to that exact moment I wasn't sure I'd be there for her first steps (she does spend a lot of time at daycare) so I downplayed the importance of it in anticipation of hearing about it from daycare before witnessing myself (and realistically, maybe our daycare provider is so good that she just isn't telling me and is letting me have this one - I'll take it). 

ANYWAYS it happened. My dad was over for an impromptu visit and was acting so silly trying to get her to stand up. Sure enough, she stands up from her little chair and just stands there. We both keep trying and then she takes a step and falls down! Okay, I'm not entirely sure whether she fell or whether I just jumped in and scooped her up so friggin' fast there was no possible way she could have gotten another step in.

Um, I was a little more excited that I thought I'd be. 

She did a repeat performance and added a step. It seriously made my night. As did the fact she went to bed like a dream (which has NOT been the case lately. At all. Ever.)

this pic is from last week but I had to throw her in here! New to-do: capture walking pics andvideos!!

Still smiling.

Okay moving along (and so is mini-me. Sorry had to). 

For real. What else has inspired me? Oh only the best people I know. YOU! Seriously, I completely psyched myself out when I shared the blog on Facebook last night. Yes, I'm a wee bit dramatic but I seriously felt quite uncomfortable. I was nervous. And then people started messaging me. I can't even tell you how awesome it feels to know people found some joy in my writing AND that they could relate to my stories. It made all my anxiety worth it. Thank you, not just for reading but for sharing your thoughts with me and making me feel valued. 

You have inspired me to try and be more mindful to let people know when they do (or write) something that is meaningful to me because gosh darn-it, positive feedback (the heartfelt kind) feels wonderful.

Despite a completely crazy day at work, not feeling 100% and having been up since 5 am (also thanks to mini-me) this momma is going bed with a big smile on her face.

What I've been wearing

I have been taking a lot of pics but not of my outfits. Here's a few I managed to get in

1. yay for weather warm enough for sandals
2. grumpy face cause I'm home with a sick baby
3. outfit planning for my weekend away (do you see the photobomb?)

I've said it before and I will say it again: maxi (dress or skirt) = comfort. Even when you're home with a sick and grumpy baby you can still look moderately put together (even if you have a grumpy face).

Whew, I'm spent.
Eventually I'll get back on track with what I'm wearing posts as the Summer Style Challenge approaches. YAY for someone telling me what to wear again! Also, very excited I've gotten some of my friends to join. Matchy matchy here we come!

Night all!


  1. YAY! Mini-me is on her way to walking independence. :) She so darn adorable and so are you in those outfits. Love the maxi dress. I'm sure that will make it into the summer challenge at some point.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Sorry, I did not respond to your comment. It's out there in cyberspace floating around but not finding it's home at What gives? Domain transfers kinda suck especially for old people like me that technically do not understand technology but play along like I do. :)

    1. that's strange! I did notice there were two spots to make comments... guess I picked the wrong one!

  2. WOO HOO!! What a cutie...she'll now be up and running now before you know it! Love your maxi dress!

  3. What a great day!!! I also meant to comment on your last blog about your weekend adventure...sounds sooo interesting!

  4. It's so exciting when your little one starts walking! Yay! Love your maxi skirt/dress - I still don't have one (I'm a bad style me challenger:).

    1. get on that Lana, you'd rock a maxi skirt/dress and I'm sure it'll be part of the spring challenge.

  5. Yay for first steps! Walking babies are so. much. fun! We let Miles walk everywhere now just to look at him because he's so cute!

    And I love that maxi dress! I can never find maxi dresses that don't look like pajamas on me. I need to work harder on that.

    1. now we're in trouble!
      When in doubt, add a belt!!! Instantly makes it look more fitted, defines your waist, and adds a little more 'fashion'

  6. Ah so exciting! :)


  7. Newest follower on bloglovin!!! Love your blog & congrats on baby steps!!!! So exciting!


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