a weekend for ME!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's official, I left min-me and Mr. B for approximately 36 hours and when I got home there were no serious injuries and the house hadn't burned down. That means things went well. All jokes aside, Mr. B did great and had even vacuumed and mopped (I know, right?! That's why we're married).

I think the fact that I have so much faith in Mr. B's parenting abilities really contributed to me being able to have so much (too much?) fun this weekend. 

I have so many stories, thoughts and feelings to share about such a short period of time but I'm struggling to organize it in my head so I hope I can capture it all (and keep it succinct!).

First, I got to spend time with one of my most treasured friends, Becca. She's one of those people who just gives you energy when you're with her. She's thoughtful, kind, self-aware, and so much fun. We don't hang out as much as either of us would like (due to life and other things) but no matter how much time passes we just pick up where we left off. One of my favorite parts of my weekend (although there are lots) was spending time and reconnecting with Becca. 
Sidenote: Becca has a very insightful blog if you're interested ;)

Before you ask, yes, that is wine in plastic cups, we were in a hotel, give us a break!

Next, it was so nice to have adult time and not worry about bedtimes or someone not sleeping through the night. Having said that, it is possible that Becca and I stayed out WAY too late. I think the only reason I was able to function the following day is because I've gotten used to running on little sleep. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I was brave and wore (and kinda rocked) the red lips! You may see that color on Friday in my favs!

We spent the day eating and shopping in Blue Mountain. It was a GORGEOUS day and we couldn't have ordered better weather. If you haven't been to the village in Blue Mountain (Ontario, Canada for my US friends) you MUST go! So fun and the views are unreal.

I don't think I've mentioned the whole reason we went to Collingwood/Blue Mountain. One of my friends invited me to a workshop by Jennifer and Rita from a company called Pink Ink Image. I'll talk more about the workshop later in the post but the long and short of it was learning about clothing, dressing for your shape, doing makeup etc. Perfect for a girls weekend away!

So anyways, we went out for dinner with Jen and Rita (yup, I call her Jen, we're tight now) and some other workshop attendees. Jen and Rita were likable immediately. Both gorgeous, super sweet, funny and just nice. Actually, all of the women at dinner and in the workshop the following day were awesome (and no, I'm not just saying that). 

Becca and I were debating an early bedtime or heading back into the village for a night on the town (this momma doesn't get out much, I have to take advantage). We were going to the lobby  bar for a drink and guess who we run into? Jen and Rita. Well somehow that turned into Jen and Becca doing a Summer Lovin' (yes, from Grease) duet with the lounge singer (who was the very definition of a lounge singer, by the way). And then the four of us become back-up singers/dancers for the rest of his set (which he extended multiple times because I think he was just so happy to have people to engaged). It was a lot of fun and Mr. Lounge Singer thanked us on his way out. Too funny.

Becca and I headed into the village and stayed waaaaay too late. I also realized how different it is going to the bar when you're married with children. I'm confident any man that approached me got an earful about my husband and gorgeous daughter. hahaha Regardless, I had a great time.

Miraculously, Becca and I were able to get to the workshop by 9 (I'm still not sure how this happened, I fully expected to feel very unwell the next week). 

Morning FaceTime session with my baby

The reason for the trip, the Diva on a Dollar workshop. Here's where I worry my words will fail me. I will do my best, but know that no matter what I write, I am not doing my experience justice.

In the morning we talked about clothes, pieces you need, things to wear for your body type, accessories and what to do with them and the importance of knowing your audience. 

We all arrived makeup free and the afternoon consisted of figuring out colors, face shapes, eye shapes, best hairstyles and finished with a makeup tutorial. We all did our own makeup (except Becca who won a draw to have hers done - lucky bugger!). I can't even tell you how fun it was, looking around the room at the end of the day and seeing what a gorgeous group of women we had and the smiles were soooo big!

I got more than I expected as far as information. I learned a lot and much of it that I'll use regularly. Something I didn't expect was the focus on image, confidence, empowerment and self-awareness. As much as it's about making women look good to Jen and Rita, the focus and their end goal is to make women FEEL good and feel comfortable in their skin and with themselves. 

It was clear, throughout the day, that Jen and Rita really care about the work they do and the women they work with. They told us we'd become Pink Ink Divas and now we can contact them for life with any questions, stories or comments. 

The other piece, they're both so charasmatic and beautiful. Typically, in a 9-5 workshop (especially when I partied the night before) I'm aching to be done. This was not the case. I didn't want the day to end and I truly feel it could have been a weekend workshop.

Fun stuff: they make their own makeup which we used AND is really good quality (I've used a lot of makeup so I feel confident in that assessment).

Confession moment: I still don't always feel comfortable in my own skin. I struggle (often) with self-acceptance and trying to obtain some ideal that I am clearly not going to achieve. 
This is important because at the end of the day we each picked cards from a huge stack. The idea was that "everything happens for a reason" and you'd get a card with a message just for you.
Here's my draw:

It really hit home for me. I got a little emotional (I still partially believe it was lack of sleep, missing my baby and my slight hangover) when I read the cards. They made sense to me. I need to be better at this. The good news is: the workshop helped and this blog has really been a step in the right direction. 

On that note, I haven't shared the blog in my real life. I think part of the reason I haven't is because I have been worried about people judging me. I'm letting that go. I have no control over how people see me and as Becca so politely pointed out "what other people think of you is none of your business" (see what I mean about her being insightful?!). So I'm doing it, I'm sharing my blog on my Facebook. Thank you Pink Ink ladies and Becca for giving me that little extra confidence. 

Check out the Pink Ink Blog's recent post as there are lots of pics of the workshop and lots more info for anyone who is interested in working with these amazing women. 

Finally, the weekend closed with my reunion with my baby girl! Unfortunately, she was sick that night and up ALL night with a fever and I had to stay home yesterday with her. BUT I got lots of extra snuggles in so there's a positive. 

In closing, whether it's going to a Diva on a Dollar workshop (or some other workshop), hanging out with people who make you feel good, or going out of your comfort zone and sharing something personal and important to you (I don't know, like a blog or something) - DO SOMETHING to make yourself feel better about you. I swear it's worth it.


  1. Shaunacey!!!!! I'm so proud of you girl. You made me tear up - thank you for sharing your experience. Keep stepping out of your comfort zone, follow those dreams and you will be AMAZED at what you accomplish. Hugz and kisses going your way!!!!!

    1. You guys deserve a lot of the credit! you ladies were the push I needed!

  2. This was so empowering to read! What an amazing workshop and I am so happy you were able to get away and have some girl time. I need to get that scheduled soon haha! Thanks for sharing oart of your story and also for sharing your blog to the world! It is great and I love reading your stories. Take care! Keila

    1. YES Keila! You absolutely need to schedule some you time (and lots of it) especially before your next little one arrives!!!

  3. What a great post. I really enjoyed hearing about your weekend - how fun! Nobody knows I'm writing a blog except my hubby, boys, and my blogging friends who read it. I'm nervous about sharing it with others for the same reasons you had - this post made me think a lot about that, and whether it's time for me to share!

    1. I totally understand where you're coming from, it's a hard thing to do but I really thought about why I wasn't and the reasons had nothing to do with me. If other people are going to judge, that's more about them than me. This is something I'm really enjoying and I'm happy to share with people who will be happy to read.

  4. Totally love this!! Wish they would have something like this where I live! Sounds awesome. So glad you had such a great time. You are beautiful!!! BELIEVE IT!! And yes you totally rocked the red lip :) Glad to see Becca joining the summer challenge too.

    1. It was awesome!!
      I'm so excited for the Summer Challenge!!! I want to shop NOW!

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend and great workshop! I would love to get friends together for something like that. And I agree with Katie, that red lipstick is amazing. I'm adding a new lipstick color to the list for each challenge. Summer just might be red!

    1. Do the red, you'd look great in it!
      Just go into MAC or Sephora and get them to pick a color for you!

  6. First, love the red lipstick! Sounds like an amazing weekend! I was afraid to share my blog at first too. Then my sister in law shared it on Facebook (without telling me she was going to). After the initial shock of 'I'm not ready for this', I'm glad she did because it made it easier to start sharing posts.


    1. sometimes we just need a push! I've gotten some positive feedback so I'm happy I finally got the courage to share.

  7. Like Jill, I love the red lipstick! I am not much for make-up, but think something like this would be really cool for me to experiment with. What a great experience you had! So pumped you shared this blog with your "real world". You are a great writer and have lots for others to learn from.

    1. I think you'd look awesome in the right shade of red! You're going to have to get on that!!!
      And thank you so much for your kind words!


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